Sony’s PS5 3D Audio is Taking Steps a Big as Graphics & Is a Dream Come True, Composer and Dev Say

Following yesterday’s PS5 tech talk, a developer and game music composer have expressed to be severely impressed by the PS5’s 3D Audio technology.

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Kumakai1050d ago

And also the series x... as it too has a dedicated processor for 3d audio...

UltraNova1050d ago

Not nearly as advanced though.

Unspoken1050d ago

But dose gamehss!!

Seriously though. I do love positional audio and kudos for them attempting to Branch out. I haven't seen them do it in a while but you won't see it fully established until later in the gen.

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battlegrog1050d ago

Yes because sony used fancy words to describe it it means its better. People are delusional. Sonys ssd and audio wont be different than xbox.

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darthv721050d ago

To be honest, we don't know how advanced because MS hasn't really talked it up like Sony did yesterday. And keep in mind, Sony does have a pretty big history in the audio department. All we know is the SX also has dedicated 3d audio processing.

UltraNova1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


The very fact MS haven't talked their audio engine up is because they know they don't have the advantage there. Anyone who follows both companies long enough and the way they do PR could surmise that.

That said, yes we don't know for sure but I'm willing to bet on my position.

shiva11050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

@ UltraNova

Not nearly as advanced --- my a$$

Mark Cenrys video road to ps5 43:10 to 43:36 shows pics of a person sitting in a weird room.

Check for microsoft silent room. And below is from guinness book of records which microsoft still holds.

"Microsoft wanted to build an incomparably silent place to use for audio and device testing and the company has proved itself by significantly bettering the record of -13 dBA which was recorded at the Anechoic Test Chamber at Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in October 2012."

You are talking about software company which owns this stuff. If they came up with dedicated 3D audio chip then imagine what they have tested and will test to incorporate into that chip. Sony has 5 presets. I will wait what MS to reveal on its dedicated audio chip.

And to top it off they had this room since 2015 which is prior to the thought of designing series x ...2016. So MS knew exactly the issues with HDR10 and dolby licencing issues. If they came up with 3D Audio dedicated chip then they sure have done their homework.

RememberThe3571050d ago

It's kinda funny because both Nvidia and MS have used huge TF numbers for bullet points but they both admit it's a pretty inaccurate way to describe a GPUs actual abilities.

It's crazy how wrapped up people get in pure marketing lingo.

UltraNova1050d ago


Are you really comparing Sony's audio expertise to MS's silent room? You need some education son.

ShadowWolf7121049d ago

Sony is practically run by Audiophiles to the point they'll take big losses in their audio department just to innovate and push new sound tech but people wanna pretend that this'll be nothing special.


KillBill1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Actually equally so and with a dedicated audio chip in the Series X.

KillBill1049d ago

And what makes you think it is not nearly as advanced?


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plexdk1050d ago

yes for Dolby Atmos, which is inferior or?

THC CELL1050d ago

What needs a atmos device Sony works on all without need of set ups

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borneFROMblood1050d ago

they use Atmos, and Mark did mention why they did not wanted to use it as well.
Cause it would force people to buy the license and it uses like 30+ audio patterns but they wanted to aim for 100

FyBy1050d ago

im curious, what their chip can do. I thought audio in psvr was gorgeous, but ps5 has much much much much more advanced tech inside (hrtf profiles + many more sound sources).

shiva11050d ago

There are only 5 hrtf profiles. You need to adjust to one of those or need to send a video of your head and ear.

FyBy1049d ago

@shiva1 I know, it was in the video. If you listen to some binaural videos on youtube, they are fantastic even without hrtf profile selection. So here you can choose, whichever suits better to you. I think its not bad. Its great. Im looking forward to this tech.

Im also curious how ms implements 3d sound.

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xX-oldboy-Xx1050d ago

I love audio as much as I love visuals - this is a huge step up. Anyone that doesn't have a decent setup is in for a real treat, and people who have a decent set up will be even more impressed.

specialguest1050d ago

I love great audio too. It's just too bad for the average gamer who won't invest in a decent sound setup to take advantage of it. Great audio completes the immersive experience

FyBy1049d ago

From now on, casual headphone will do in terms of good 3d sound and space.

XxINFERNUSxX1050d ago

Sound Blaster AE series had this tech for a while now :D. I'm using a AE-7 amazing sound card. They could had contracted Creative to use their tech just like they did with AMD.

FITSniper1050d ago

Yes but then they have to pay for licensing for every console sold.

FyBy1049d ago

Dont forget Sony makes tvs and soundbars (very good soundbars) with all dolby codecs and several virtual audio principles. They have much bigger knowledge then creative.

Kaiou1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

The Power of the Cloud 2020 Edition where it really won't matter for 99 percent of the games. Forget Dolby Atmos those folks may have decades of audio experience but we have TEMPEST, Atmos is cross-platform and works on PC, Consoles, and Phones, but who cares WE GOT 100 CHANNELS :)

ElementX1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

100 channels and your brain can distinguish how many simultaneously? Everything else gets filtered out or becomes a background drone. 100 is impressive but you can't tell me it'll be utilized into something meaningful.

ShadowWolf7121049d ago

Are... are you implying SONY... SONY, of ALL companies... does NOT have decades of audio experience???

Kaiou1049d ago

Have you ever heard of a big software sound system from Sony ? when you go to see Spiderman in theater you pay extra for high-end audio which is Atmos not "Tempest", AND if you watch Mark Cerny's presentation the room they used to create the Profiles for Tempest is actually Microsoft's Silent audio room, look it up. So to answer your question no they don't, they are doing an in house solution to save on licensing.

1049d ago
ShadowWolf7121049d ago

Holy sweet Jesus these are ignorant af takes.

Sony's been all about audio for about as long as they've existed. lmao

1049d ago
ShadowWolf7121049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Access to patents and proprietary technologies as well as a pre-existing dedicated workforce so they don't have to hunt for more talent or siphon off existing teams?

It's not hard, fam. But honestly, the fact that you actually didn't know Sony's always been about Audio is... kinda staggering. Shoot, audio is literally the reason they got involved with video games in the first place. They designed the SNES's audio chip.

They're also renowned for their proprietary audio formats and their headphones too. Like... dang.

VariantAEC1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

Did Dolby do the recording of Spider-Man's audio? The mixing? The editing? Oh right no, no and no. So why do we need their tech to hear it properly. Who sells THX speakers? Did I need them to enjoy any THX mixed movie? The answer is also a totally unsurprising no. So why do you need Dolby speakers with Atmos?

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TKCMuzzer1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

ATMOS only works if you have the right setup. My TV does ATMOS through its speakers but guess what, its crap because of the speakers and setup. Just because something has something doesn't mean its good. In fact through ARC my TV can not even play ATMOS back through a receiver so its not as simple as you think if you want the best sound. As pointed out by Cerny, you do need to buy the right equipment to get the most out of it and this is because that's how DOLBY designed it.
If your sitting there in front of a PC with two monitor speakers your not getting ATMOS, it may say you are but your not. Setup and sweet spot are important for ATMOS to work properly.

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