Sony Fined $18.5 Million In Patent Infringement Case

Over two years ago, Agere Systems filed a suit against Sony for potential infringement on patents regarding "wireless local area network apparatus." Looks like the courts ruled in Agere Systems' favor.

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Silogon5425d ago

Boy, and we wonder why sony doesn't pay for exclusives no more... They can't. All their money goes out for lawsuits.

SaiyanFury5425d ago

Dude it isn't just Sony that has all these cases coming against them. Microsoft has a slew of them, and so does Nintendo in various patent infringement suits. Welcome to the corporate world. Lets all sue each other blind over any little quibble. Let's just be grateful that Sony hasn't scaled back the quality of the PS3 because of these lawsuits. Hell, because of the one with Immersion over rumble in the SIXAXIS we now have a motion sensing controller WITH rumble. Who's complaining about that?

kewlkat0075425d ago

but I'm sure this is Cheap Change...

Yes, MS is no stranger to Lawsuits...

Panthers5425d ago

This happens to every big company. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

PotNoodle5425d ago

Anymore? What? Sony have very rarely paid for 3rd party exclusives they have always put all their money into their first and second party studios like they are doing now.

thor5425d ago

Silogon I usually agree with your views - on Home, on L4D, on WKC - I've read your "rants" on VGTilt and I agree with a lot of the things you say. I thought maybe that it was because you _were_ truly unbiased; but now I realise it's just because you like to:
a) Buck the trend
b) Make wild jabs
c) Get very opinionated and take everything far too far

Chill out!

Silellak5425d ago

Maybe this will make fanboys shut up when they claim one company or another "ripped off" their company of choice?

Spoiler alert:

All three of the big companies get sued for patient infringement, because all three of them are constantly stealing ideas one another and elsewhere.

y0haN5425d ago

Too many cheap-ass whiners trying to ride the bandwagon of popular brands to rape them of their money on a technicality these days.

shazam5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

like nobody likes you. why don't you do us all (and yourself) a favor and stop posting on n4g. on second thought just stop breathing. (this post goes to silogon obviously)

FantasyStar5425d ago

I love ya Silogon. Too many people with hard-ons for Sony that they can't take a joke.

f7897905425d ago

If I had a lot of money I would put a hit out on the people that filed this lawsuit. You deserve a horrible death for being a leach on society and humanity.

YoMeViet5425d ago

Bubbles my friend BUBBLES!

kevnb5424d ago

just spewing whatever comes to mind.

godofthunder105424d ago

I have a 360 and i admit that i wouldn't trade it for anything.Just because i have a 360 i'm no childish 360 fanboy and i don't hate the ps3.I agree with SaiyanFury on one point.She was right when she said that almost every company get sued and even microsoft.I disagree with her when she made it look as if it was good because sony was sued over rumble.I've always agreed with ps3 fanboys when they said that microsoft is getting sued for something if it was true.I don't agree when they say it's a good thing and they were glad that microsoft was getting sued.

The problem i have is when microsoft was getting sued a while back.Ps3 fanboys were all saying that it's good for microsoft and they were makeing fun of people with a 360.I post an article about the same lawsuit that this article is about.Ps3 fanboys called me a lier,360 fanboy,and other names.Some ps3 fanboys even said that i was makeing up that sony was getting sued just because i was a 360 fanboy and was makeing up things about sony getting sued just because microsoft was getting sued.

The problem with fanboys from bothsides is that they are hypercrits.The fact is that if something is bad about the other system or company that makes the other system they act like it's a big deal and the company should have never done it.They are all over the net talking about it and trashing the system or company.If the same thing happens to the system they have or the company that makes the system they have it's no big deal.They have fans of the ps3 saying that it's no big deal but when it was microsoft a while back they acted like it was a sin.

xhairs95424d ago

You truly are a PS3 gamer eh??

4 days 23 hours ago | By: FantasyStar | Block
-deleted by mods-
The "report" system actually works! You have alot of hate, you know. Be a gamer, not a hater. Your profile saddens PS3 gamers like us.

Notice how he says PS3 gamers like US. You my friend, are not a PS3 gamer.

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aggh im on fire5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Damn. If this is true we can probably kiss goodbye to a ps3 price cut.

Silogon5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

I wouldn't say that... Sony's in so much trouble right now they can't afford to keep the system where it's at. No system has went this long at such an absurd price.
Consumers who still want it will either
A) get there price drop
B) Move on and say pork the Ps3 and get xbox 360's

I'd like to think Sony knows what they've got to do... but man I jsut bit my tongue in the process. And 100,000 Ps3's sold will more than make up for this small chump change they're handing out here.

ruibing5425d ago

Jeez man, just let it go. Unless you are a heavy investor that lost his/her fortune due to a potential stock drop from this, how does it even concern you?

On topic, this eastern Texas district seems to be where all the suits against Sony and Nintendo are coming from. The documentation says its the jury that ruled in Agere's favor but does not detail why and on which specific lawsuit.

thor5425d ago

Silogon they would actually LOSE a lot of money if they dropped the price. If a price drop would cause such a large sales boost as you say, then, since they would be selling the console at a loss, the bigger that sales boost the more they lose. Sure, in the long term, they should recoup that on the games. But they are not about to run a risk as huge as that.

cl63AMG5425d ago

sony had a 6.9% increase in revenue last year
so i don't think they are exactly going to be bankrupted by this lawsuit.

fenix13005424d ago

are you familiar with the term loss leader??? (I will assume you are), as long as Sony sells that console they are going to recoup the loss with the sales of a couple of games.

LeonSKennedy4Life5424d ago

It concerns all PS3 owners.

Sony has given us quality games and experiences for years. We want that to continue. If Microsoft takes over, innovation will cease to exist.

SL1M DADDY5424d ago

You do realize that 18.5 million is equivalent to about .008% of the year on year sales for the PS3 right? Think about it, Sony is selling close to 10 million PS3's per year at roughly 400 bucks (US - average). Taken into account the rough estimate of their cost per machine and then calculating the settlement in question you get a picture of just how small this issue really is. Not to mention that the numbers I am looking at are for their gaming division (PS3 only) and not the company as a whole.

Marquis_de_Sade5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

wrong section edit

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GWAVE5425d ago

It seems that video game lawsuits are on the rise this generation. Can't say I'm surprised.

And $18 million isn't that much. Seriously. I don't see how this will "ruin" Sony (as I'm sure some posters will claim) yet the $1 billion write-off for the RRoD from Microsoft is no big deal.

Bnet3435425d ago

GWAVE, you can'tt just go without mentioning MS or Xbox in any way can you? Go to the open zone.

likedamaster5425d ago


Now, just because Sony makes hardware and has a gaming department doesn't give them the right to blatantly use someone else's technology. Rumble anyone? Same thing here.

aggh im on fire5425d ago

Thats true. And these lawsuits are crazy. It will take more than 100,000 ps3 to rake this back though as they don't make a lot of profit on the sale of the machine if any.
Compared to the RROD its small change though. Still a bugger though.