PS3 Turns 2. Cause For Celebration?

The Gamer Limit delivers a "state of the union address" on the eve of the PS3's second birthday. Can the PS3 be considered a success so far? What does the future have in store?

From the article:

"Each passing year is like a lifetime in console years and can make all the difference in the perpetual battle for console domination. Two years on the market means the PS3 is like a young adult. It's spread it's wings and left the nest. It's trying to find it's place in the grand scheme of things."

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OFF TOPIC: Im not supposed to talk about this but im so hype and i cant help it. I know someone who is working on GOD OF WAR 3 and i cant say much but all i can say is u will be SHOCKED the ps3 can do those graphics.IFu think kilzone2 looks mind blowing then u have not seen nothing yet.2009 CANT COME SOON ENOUGH

happy b-day ps3 A.K.A graphic BEAST!!!!!!!

Silogon5060d ago

God of War 3 will be riddled with low rez textures and tight quarters to make things look better... God of War 3 will play just like it's brother and sister did and will bring nothing new to the table, expect for maybe pushing the digital analog stick while fighting bosses now.

I don't get my hopes up about anything Sony no more. To top it off... GOW3 will probably sell 999,999 units at retail too... A spite buy away from the 1 million mark, driving the steak in deeper and the point while they're at it. That point being no one buys Ps3 games.

Polluted5060d ago

@Silogon: I bloody well hope GOW3 plays like it's brother and sister. They were, imo, the absolute best two games of the previous generation.

That's the major obstacle standing in GOW3's way. If it's too much like it's predecessors people will say it's just more of the same. If they change too much, people will complain that it strays too far from the old formula.

Personally I hope it's very similar to the original games with better graphics and a few minor additions here and there to keep things fresh.

Pennywise5060d ago

Silogon, you need to quit skipping your meds!!!!! SOOOO NEGATIVE. GOW3 will be amazing and you have no clue what the textures will look like.

One would think KZ2 would hush the nay-sayers.

Nitrowolf25060d ago

lol @ silogon.
GOW3 will be amazing. And play likes it brother and sister? I see no problem with that, that is one of the reason why the game was so dam amazing in the first place. I expect 3 to surpass 2 and 1 by great lenghs. And as for the graphics and texture being bad, i doudbt sony would even allow that to happen. They know what they are doing and you don't.

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WANNA GET HIGH5060d ago (Edited 5060d ago )

U will eat ur words in 2009 and i promise u.My friend will lose hes job if i go into detail and show u the pic i have but i cant.I am %100 sure u will change your mind about the game when u see what i saw.

EDIT: @ POLLUTED,U dont need worry about that, i can assure u god of war 3 will have the best gameplay out of the 3.I wish i could share what i have with every one on this web site but if i post the info i have and REAL TIME game picture my friend will lose hes job.

Pennywise5060d ago

CEO, you keep preaching brotha! Games will just continue to get better!!!!

ApocalypseShadow5060d ago

why would i be nervous about paying for this:

ps1/ps2 playback
ps3 gaming
web browser
cd/dvd/bluray playback
ps1/ps2/dvd upscaling

was that cause for celebration?nope.just the beginning of the festival.the start of the carnival.

1)did sony release a reliable system with unknown tech?YES
2)is it powerful?YES
3)is it upgradeable with the disc medium(25-50-100-?),the hard drive4)(20-40-60-80-120-?) and the firmware(BD live-photo mode-LWP-XMB access-?)?YES
5)did sony release play tv before iptv?YES
6)did sony have remote play from anywhere with psp before micorosft released live anywhere?YES
7)did games get better from third parties?YES
8)did the price come down?YES
9)are sony's inhouse and exclusives like MGS4 of higher quality than the competiton?YES
10)is there a clear difference in graphics of say GT5 and killzone2 to halo3 and forza2?YES
11)is sony continuously being innovative with home,eyepet,demo scene,digital art,etc?YES
12)is PSN still fun for being free and continuously pushese boundries like 40 player/60 player/256 player/8 player co-op,etc?YES
13)does the PS store have great content and orignal titles over "been there,done that" games?YES
14)are newer games coming out next year giving ps3 owners a glimpse of great things to come?YES
15)is sony selling more consoles,software and digital content year on year?YES
16)does sony have disc games for sell along side their digital counterparts like GT5,warhawk,socom,siren,etc over what the competition says they would do because "DD is the future?"YES
17)are sony's movies for sale or rent great looking in HD and better than low grade netflix movies?YES
18)is it cool to have that choice between bluray built in and DD?YES

with examples like this,sony should have every reason to celebrate.they have misstepped on things like cancelling 8 days,getaway and taking forever on home,but sony will get there.they have 8 more years of production to go.


Spike475060d ago

he literally struggled to be the first comment on this post probably lol.

GOW3 will do fine, it is a guranteed GOTY contender for 09. Looking at the PS2 and Xbox360 the PS3 is doing fine.

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