Sony: Half Of PS3 Owners Also Have A PSP

According Capcom's vice president of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson, Sony's data indicates that approximately 50% of PS3 owners are also PSP owners.

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The Matrix5432d ago

PS3/PSP interconnectivity will be important in the games to come. Like Sly 4 and Resistance Retribution and R2.

elorm95432d ago

Sometimes I wish I owned a PSP. :(

But no... I got a stupid DS which I hardly ever use.

darthv725432d ago

Get yourself a wii to compliment that ds. I like using mine as a download station for ds demos.

PSP connectivity will be cool if more companies incorporate portable versions of the bigger game to play on the go. I got geometry wars for the wii and it has the full version of retro evolved for the ds to download.

I have yet to really get into the remote play function. Tried it and it was cool but I guess you need the right game for it to work correctly. I am really looking forward to more portable versions of movies that more companies are doing now with their regular dvd/blu releases.

ThanatosDMC5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

I'll buy a slim PSP-2000 if they let me play Monster Hunter via PSN. But i'll keep my fat PSP for its custom firmwares.

Oh yeah, go to the source then look at the first comment. It's like N4G open zone.

barom5432d ago

I want a PSP so bad. It's just that the lineup doesn't look very good. There's only Resistance Retribution and Patapon 2 from what I can see. Oh and Final Fantasy XIII Agito.

ThanatosDMC5432d ago

PSP is portable handheld gaming at its finest.

You can even install emulators on it. My PSP can play old PS1 games, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy Adv, and Nintendo games.

For PSP games: Monster Hunter series is a must. But if that's not your type of tea then I suggest Killzone Liberation, Metal Gear Potable Ops Plus, God of War, Syphon Filter, etc.

I dont play much of the JRPGs that they have but that's just my preference.

elorm95432d ago

That's originally why I bought one. It was far back in 2006 when I was on the Wii boat. I jumped off around in 2007 because of the lack of games that I liked on it.

Now I want to sell it and get a PSP but the price is the issue right now. Ah well, maybe over the summer. I just want to use it for Remote Play and Killzone Liberation.

Homicide5432d ago

Resistance 2 is ready to support PSP. Can't wait for that Resistance PSP game. Looks plain ol' fun.

barom5432d ago

Yea I know. PSP really is the best thing that ever happened to handheld gaming and that's really why I want it. But lets face it. I'll probably be playing this at home and apart from Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (finished God Of War on my cousin's PSP). I'm not really interested in much else (except FFXIII Agito) because I got a PS3 and that got tons of stuff coming for it. So I'm just not that willing to dish out 170-200$ for a couple of games.

Not to mention that I don't really have the time or money. But I do really want one. The remote play stuff looks really cool.

hay5431d ago

@barom: dude! you can use it as a big, portable mp3 player also.
Also! You can't ignore LocoRoco! It seems to be kid's game, but it's a demon in sheep's skin. It'll hook you and when you'll realize you're singing songs from the game... It'll be already too late...

You got Ratchet & Clank, Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pulse, Puzzle Quest, Syphon Filter, Disgaea, Valkyrie Profile and other cool titles. If you get sick of them you can mod your PSP and copy your good old PSone games and play them on the run. And If you got sick of them too, you can play all those oldies you've missed so far by running emulator.
I for example, as a fan of old arcade games am playing all the time games on CPS emu. You may be everywhere to play them.
What I really suggest is night sessions, with light turn off and on headphones playing Snatcher or older RPGs. Atmosphere is really cool.

And there's more!

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BrunoM5432d ago

i know i have it my cusin alsow has it .... ... psp and ps3 is a good conbo ...

Max Power5432d ago

both my cousin and i have ps3's but i'm the only one with a psp, so i think sony is correct atleast in my house hold.

BrunoM5432d ago

thats how good they are lol the came to my house then they went to urs turns out if u round my numbers and urs is 75% but to make it nice they just said 50% lol...

nut now for reall is a good thing to have the 2 of them the psp and the ps3 are 2 amasing machines

Rigmaster5432d ago

"psp and ps3 is a good conbo"

My roommate gave me his old one when he bought a new model.

I was totally shocked at the media capabilities it has in combo with the PS3. Not sure why Sony doesn't advertise this stuff more.

I now have this setup:

1. PC runs TiVo service that downloads shows to PC harddrive

2. Another program converts shows to PSP format and puts them in a different directory

3. DLNA client is running on the PC talking to the PS3 over wireless serving movies and music from the local harddrive

4. PSP links up with the PS3 over WiFi and I can now watch any shows, movies, or music on either the PS3 or on the PC's harddrive

5. Or, I can download whatever shows I want to watch with a USB cable from the PC to the PSP onto the memory stick

I can kick back in a recliner, bed, sofa, out back by the pool with the PSP with headphones and watch whatever I want. Or head off to the gym to do cardio with my shows and movies. Incredibly cool.

Kyur4ThePain5432d ago

Yup. That sounds very much like our household.
It is pretty amazing how the two can work together and with a PC/TiVo.

The Matrix5432d ago

@Ringmaster, you are such a wise, informing person and for that I give you bubbles.

Sony hasn't really shown all you can do with the PSP. I'll be talking to my friends or looking in the PSP manual and I'll be like "I didn't know I could do that?"

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SaiyanFury5432d ago

Hehe I would say it's safe to say that would be accurate. A lot of my favourite properties are available on PSP and why wouldn't I want to take them with me? $hit, my PSP is like my American Express card; I never leave home without it. And 1 PSP? Hell, I have two 1001s; one for homebrew and emulators and one for legitimate games that I keep updated with the latest firmware.

Silogon5432d ago

I have one but man I haven't played it in many moons now... Silent Hill was probably the last game I played thru on it. Connecting to the ps3 is pointless at this point, so why bother? The psp is a great system and easily the most powerful handheld ever devised, but its lack of original ip's and content has hurt its image a great deal.

I wish developers would've made more of a leap on the development of it than they did. It was begging for new IP's and what we got were Ps1 and Ps2 ports or watered down IP hand me downs.

Aclay5432d ago

I have a PS3 (obviously) but don't have a PSP... I've thought about getting a PSP, but the lack of good games is the only thing that has kept me from getting one. There's been a few good games here and there, but just not a large enough steady flow of good games to really keep me interested.

The main reasons why I want one is for God of War Chains of Olympus because God of War is one of my favorite franchises and I simply MUST play that game before God of War 3.

I'm pretty sure that PSP sales have also offset the losses Sony has endured from PS3 sales early on, but I think that Sony defiantly needs to drop the PSP's price to around $149 and the PSP bundle packs to $179.99 sometime next year when they drop the PS3's price because a PSP bundle pack (PSP 3000 Limited Edition Ratchet and Clank Entertainment Pack) is the same price as a Xbox 360 Arcade.

remanutd555432d ago

you are just like me GOW is my third favorite franchise of all time and dude if you are a gow fan , chains of olympus is worth getting a psp for , its a MUST play psp title btw i'm dying to see gow3 gameplay , gow3 is by far my most anticipated game in 09 , close second GT5 , killzone2 beta AMAZING

N4M3L3555432d ago

Go on craigslist and I'm pretty sure you can find a good used psp for cheap. Then go ahead and mod it. That would be a wise way to spend $1XX, trust me.

GrandTheftZamboni5432d ago

It's also good for showing pics and other media at work (remote play from home PC over PS3), watching movies sitting on the john. Internet radio is also good. Browsing Internet takes a while to load n4g for example. Maybe I need to tweak settings.