The Road to PS5

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

Streaming begins @
4:00 PM GMT
Noon EDT
9:00 AM PDT

Jin_Sakai1178d ago

The day is finally here. Can’t wait!

rainslacker1178d ago

I'm taking the option to work from home today. Getting a lot done without all the interruptions from management and other workers. Good thing there is nothing else that could possibly distract me today.:)

solideagle1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

My company has already sent all of us to work from home for 2 weeks. I am really excited for PS5, I hope I can afford it this time as I got all my previous Playstations as gifts (PS3 from my previous job hehehe) :D

quick question: is it 1 hour stream?

rainslacker1178d ago

Not sure of the length. But, if it's just the GDC presentation in video form, then chances are that it's an hour. Maybe around the 50 minute mark, as panels are usually that long. Sometimes, if they're keynotes, then they're 90 minutes, but this wasn't the keynote this year. Likely they had this presentation lined up, maybe with a little less flair than they'll do for a public viewing like this, and then a 30-60 minute mingling session where reps would talk with the devs on a more personal level.

This may be a dry presentation since GDC is a dev conference, but it is the official reveal of the PS5, so Sony may spice it up a bit for the consumer market. They've had some time to do that.

darthv721178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Cerny speaks so softly... perfect ASMR voice.

USB external storage confirmed.

rainslacker1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


The 3rd party external drive thing kind of surprised me. But even said yesterday if they allowed it, it would require minimum requirements, and a specific form factor. You were also not expecting it, nor were many people. Not sure if I understood correctly, but sounds like it would replace the current SSD, which didn't make sense since I thought the chips were soldered onto the board. MS approach uses it as an add on to the existing SSD, so you get more space.

Was a pretty dry presentation, as I'd expect. Lot of interesting stuff if you understand the tech he was talking about. I imagine a lot of people won't understand most of what he said about 90% of the tech talk.

Was pretty obvious he's excited about the 3D audio, and while that's cool and all, and took up a good amount of the end of the presentation, it isn't something I'd put a high priority on.

While there was some good info here, especially if you're a dev or really into tech stuff and understand it, I have a feeling this deep dive isn't going to satiate a lot of the annoying, "why aren't they saying anything" criticism they've gotten the past few weeks.

Best part was his explanation of the SSD, and how it could be used to create games. The level design stuff was a perfect way to demonstrate why legacy support for the design of the game is not a good thing if you want to move into next gen.

xX-oldboy-Xx1178d ago

The expandable SSD is m2 form factor but needs to run a little faster than the internal one in the PS5.

Because they only have 2 i/o units instead of 5, which is what the PS5 one has. The extra speed is needed to cover for the lack of chips.

Wrong or right, it just means no proprietary SSD - Yeeehhaawww! That's the first victory of next gen I'd say.

At least I think that's right, started at 3am in Australia and I had few beers after work.

Unspoken1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Already called the SSD situation yesterday, and kudos for PS5 for using that idea, but it's going to be very expensive to use NVME PCIe 4 cards and they don't even have preliminary testing completed. Both are attempting to utilize that space for virtual memory, faster on PS5, much less expensive on Xbox.

Overall a very meh presentation from Cerny.

darthv721178d ago

@above, I believe he said they will have a list of 'officially' supported drives but otherwise if you want to use one not on the list then it must be faster because of the less number of lanes they typically use. Otherwise you know there will be a new round of drives made specifically to be used for this (with all 6 lanes). sony has mandated what the requirements need to be and right now only a few mfg can fit into that. More will likely come though, just as there will likely be other SX branded licensed memory cards and not just those from Seagate.

And rain, the M.2 expansion does not replace the internal surface mount drive. It only adds to it and is specific to PS5 games (meaning you wont be able to use USB for running PS5 games, only to hold them. PS5 requires the SSD or M.2 expansion to run games directly)

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sampsonon1178d ago

People down voted you wanting to see games.
What is the world coming to. Even if they don't show games, which it's Sony so anything is possible, you shouldn't get roasted for it. lol

sushimama1178d ago

@ sampsonon. Dude he's stealth trolling and his comment is setting up his inevitable criticisms that will surely follow Mark Cerny's video. He knows damn well there will not be any games shown. This guy is a black belt in concern trolling, shade throwing and downplaying all things Sony-related.

I'm looking forward to know the specs and some of the cool features that the PS5 will have. Not long now

Nineball21121178d ago

sampsonon, the downvotes might mean that they don't think many or any games will be shown today. Maybe it's just information on the hardware only. (I didn't down vote).

GTgamer1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

@samsonon @nineball2112 you guys clearly don't know who the trolls are on this site 😂😂😂

Nineball21121178d ago

GTgamer. You're right and I could be completely wrong.

Donnie811178d ago

Me too! Games games and more games

pwnmaster30001178d ago

Didn’t they literally say this is about the specs and not games.

Stealth trolling like crazy.

MasterCornholio1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

It wouldn't be a bad idea to show some games to demonstrate the systems capabilities. However I'm not expecting to see a ton of them. That will be saved for the launch conference.

HZD2 or Bluepoints Benchmark game would probably be great choices.

xX-oldboy-Xx1178d ago

Careful with the 'T' word - isn't very well liked around here. They know what they're doing and it's just pathetic.

Either do it or don't - going about it all sneaky is a clear reflection of them as people.

RedDevils1177d ago

obscure is a bot, he get mad if someone talking shit about the Xbox.

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GTgamer1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago ) can't even lie been waiting for this forever

AnubisG1178d ago

And how dissapointed are you now?

GTgamer1178d ago

@AnubisG i ain't gonna lie I am very disappointed I didn't care about the specs I just really thought we would see something a tech demo the controller the console anythinggggggggggggg

AnubisG1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

It wasn't worth the excitement and wait. This was meant for developers, not gamers. It was so borring that I regret forcing myself watching it. I was hoping for a tech demo at least. But nothing.

Sony should be ashamed. The way they communicate their next gen system is horrible. While MS has show the system, the controller and even games. What exactly is Sony waiting for?

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solideagle1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

10.28 TFLOPS hmmm not sure why didn't he calculate TFLOPS at 3.5 GHz...

StoneyYoshi1178d ago

Maybe he was strictly talking about gpu Tflops and not a combined amount with the GPU and CPU?

rainslacker1178d ago

Because they lock the GPU at 2.33GHZ. HIs stated reason was to keep performance consistent since they're using variable frequencies to reduce power needs. There were a few points in this presentation where it wasn't clear if something he said was for explanation, or as an absolute. That was one of them, but from what I took from it was that that 2.33GHZ is the max. I imagine follow up interviews will clarify things. This is just how Cerny presentations go most of the time.

Kyizen1177d ago

Agree while most stuff will run at 2.3 for Marketing they could use rhe max overclock of 3.5 GHz to calculate and it wouldnt be wrong.

SyntheticForm1178d ago

Yes! As this reveal nears I feel more and more like a kid. Genuine over-the-top excitement.

AnubisG1178d ago

And than, dissapointment.....

-Ghost1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

One hour to go! Looking forward to hearing what Mark Cerny will reveal. The video is 52 minutes.

Good-Smurf1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Starts at 11:00 PM here 56 minutes to go!

SyntheticForm1178d ago

Who's a good smurf? You! You're such a good smurf.