Guitar Hero on a Bike

Slashgamer writes: "Some people in this world have way to much free time, but that can sometimes work to our benefit - we become entertained. Madflux and his buddies decided to recreate the song 'Living Dead' by Prisoner of Society from Guitar Hero and the way they did it was creative.

First they put the notes from the game on the street, than LED lights on the bike - what you get is Guitar Hero on a bike. The concept is fascinating enough to share with all of you."

You guys just have to see it, not many people would have the time to do this.

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mattkelly19913838d ago

wow.... This is why America is in a recession.

Max Power3838d ago

because those guys are all the major players on Wall Street.

akaFullMetal3838d ago

bravo bravo, that was insanely awesome

Max Power3838d ago

that was pretty interesting.