Of SackBoys and Copyrights

TGR's Brendon Lindsey comments on the LittleBigPlanet situation.

""Play, create, share." If you're like me, LittleBigPlanet's mantra was one of the reasons you got the game in the first place. Unfortunately, since launch it may as well be "Play, create, deleted."

In the two plus weeks since we were all graced with the presence of SackBoys inside of our PlayStation 3s, there have been innumerable player creations spreading like SackBoy venereal diseases through the virtual populace. Things haven't been so peachy, though, because countless creators have had their levels deleted with no warning, and no explanation. Last week, a large group of creators had their levels suddenly deleted within a space of minutes. There was one common thread: copyrighted material."

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ihaten4glol3838d ago

This is one reason I wasn't too excited about LBP. I don't have a PS3, but aside from that, it really shouldn't MATTER if you're using level designs or items that are copyrighted. You're not making money off of it, and neither is Sony.

The Matrix3838d ago

They're OUR levels and we have a right to them. LBP levels take way to long to make for Sony to be just deleting.

Viewtiful3838d ago

I don't care what anybody says, when somebody puts tons of work into creating an LBP level and then it's just deleted with no notification or reason, that's just wrong.

italianbreadman3838d ago

yeah, kinda ridiculous and anal on Sony's part.

ultimolu3838d ago

That's what scared me off my first level.
They need to get this mess sorted out even more.

cain1413838d ago

They need to make it clear what you can and can't do vs a vague term most people don't understand.

Sharpshell3838d ago

the liklihood of having your level deleated is like less likely then winning the lottery. People make it out like every level is enevitably deleted. Its not like that. Do they need to sort tis out... yeah. But people who go on and on about this are jsut trying to degrade Sony. Fact is, playing LBP online provides more awesome levels than are possible to play in one lifetime.

ThePimpOfSound3838d ago

So, what's the solution? Would a C&D have been preferable or would it have brought the same wrath?

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