20 Years Later and 'Perfect Dark' is Still Better than 'Goldeneye 007'

Perfect Dark and GoldenEye 007 Represent Two of the Best First-Person Shooters of Their Generation.

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Neonridr147d ago

Both are amazing games, I don't think it's wrong to prefer one over the other.

Sciurus_vulgaris147d ago

Perfect Dark is essentially built off of Goldeneye 007 and it was developed by the same company, so it should be better. However, in-terms of legacy, if we were to rank the greatest first person shooters of all time Goldeneye 007 should be ranked above Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark is more refined, but Goldeneye is the more influential title.

BlackIceJoe147d ago

I really wish Microsoft cared about this IP, because I've enjoyed all the Perfect Dark games. I'd really enjoy seeing a new game that isn't a prequel, one that takes inspiration from Deus EX and becomes more of an immersive SIM game.

Sciurus_vulgaris145d ago

There are several unsubstantiated, but realistic rumours of Microsoft rebooting Perfect Dark. Some say the Initiative is developing a Perfect Dark reboot, while other rumours pointed to the Coalition as a potential developer.

Trueflames145d ago

I think the iniative is making a new perfect dark with next gen AAAA graphics for series x

TheDragonSlayer145d ago

Author doesnt know squat. Goldeneye has much better music, yet he says PD is the better game? Stop playing games, you're embarrassing yourself.

Hungryalpaca145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Ah yes. The days when music was more important than gameplay.

You should be the one that stops playing games. Apparently music is your metric.

TheDragonSlayer145d ago

What are you talking about, have you even played both games? Goldeneyes OST absolutely blows PD out of the water. Music in games is a big part of what creates atmosphere which improves the game experience massively.

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