Microsoft Says They Have 16 First-Party Xbox Studios, Hinting at a New Acquisition

Microsoft lets slip they have 16 first-party Xbox studios, but...only 15 have been confirmed. Have they been doing some more shopping?

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ziggurcat1044d ago

Maybe they purchased Moon Studios?

But MS inappropriately considers a 2nd or 3rd party game a 1st party title if MS Studios has their logo on it, so it could just be another time they claim something as 1st party when it's not really.

littletad1044d ago

They stated recently they're not for sale.

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Lore1044d ago

Every place has a price.

Nodoze1044d ago

Translation of 'Not for sale' is - We have not received a high enough offer.

DJStotty1038d ago

Or "we are not for sale" translates to "we have just been purchased so are no longer for sale"

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SyntheticForm1044d ago

That would be wise for Microsoft if they could secure that deal. Moon have proven themselves with the Ori games.

ziggurcat1044d ago

It makes complete sense for MS to bring Moon Studios into their fold.

littletad1044d ago

Or perhaps another built from the ground up. Exciting nonetheless.

ziggurcat1044d ago

That could very well be another possibility.

ElementX1044d ago

I'm sure we would've heard about talent getting hired for a new studio

ZeroX98761044d ago

A brand new studio would be amazing! I would prefer this over just buying someone out for exclusivity.

BlackIceJoe1044d ago

Hopefully it is a Japanese studio. I think it would be nice to see Mistwalker turned into a full blown studio instead of just a concept studio like it is now, so if Microsoft bought them I can see Microsoft helping Mistwalker to grow.

annoyedgamer1044d ago

Please no. Anything western developers see from Japan is immediately westernized (censored and localized). Let Japan stay in Japan.

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porkChop1044d ago

Mistwalker has been doing nothing for quite a long time now. It would be nice to see them get back to big games like Lost Odyssey.

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Atom6661044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

If it is an acquisition, my guesses are still either Asobo or Techland.

Asobo has the history with MS. Now that we've seen they can do solid work outside of smaller stuff (Plagues Tale was fantastic and FS looks ridiculous), I have a higher opinion of them.

Techland would be huge, and would explain the sudden delay of DL2.

Or they could have just renamed an internal sub-studio. We'll see I guess.

Donnie811043d ago

Would love to see techland get the chance to make big budget games. Dying light is fantastic

CaptainHenry9161044d ago

Moon studio's would be perfect

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