Gamecyte: Mirror's Edge Review


"The entire game ought to have been this way. Mirror's Edge is clearly a game with the potential to revolutionize first-person platforming, and bring Parkour into the digital realm. In the Time Trials, there is at least some execution on these possibilities, and the game is worth experiencing just for these new elements it has brought to the table. Unfortunately, it also comes with a fairly frustrating and punishing core experience, showing just what can go wrong when a premise of freedom is carried out in an overbearing fashion.

Still, for the beautiful world, the exhilarating movement, and the exploration granted by the Time Trials, Mirror's Edge is worth a look. The solution seems obvious - get the game, and just go straight for the Time Trials, no? Unfortunately, since the Time Trials are playing second fiddle to the story, you have to play through the latter in order to unlock most levels of the former. I hope your life insurance is paid up, Faith."

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