TeamTeabag: My Little Baby (DS Review)

Tigervamp writes:-

This game is repetitive but no more so than Nintendogs which kids seem to love so I can't focus on this as a negative. One thing I will say, which is also true of Nintendogs, is that you can expect to hear words being shouted into the DS over and over as a child attempts to teach their baby how to talk, which I might add is pointless until the baby is around nine months old.

The best thing about this game is that it will take a bit of time and effort and anyone playing will need to acquire some patience. This training will come in handy when your little girl reaches the age of about 13 and she is ready to be knocked up in reality by some idiot at her school who'll never want to see her again let alone acknowledge his offspring.

This is much more of a spectator activity than a game but ever since the first Tamagotchi was released this has become a craze for younger people and I am confident that, since most young girls seem to have an interest in taking care of infants, they'll most likely appreciate My Little Baby.

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