Samoa Joe Reveals He Would 'Love' To Work With Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima

Samoa Joe has opened up about his admiration for Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima and also named his favourite Metal Gear Solid title.

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JKSimmons577d ago

Didn't even realise he was an MGS fan let alone a Kojima fan. Sweet to know that. Not sure how he would do with the mocap stuff, but seeing what he does in WWE on the mic and everything, he could make a pretty sweet villain in a Kojima game!

joshmille99577d ago

He could make for an intimidating antagonist.

theshredded577d ago

Who wouldn't? Kojima's a genius.

drunkenspy007577d ago

No idea who this was (until after seeing he's a wrestler). Does Kojima know who this is?

King_Noctis576d ago

Never know that Joe is also a geek, at least not from his appearance. This news story warms my heart tbh.

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