Indie World Presentation Debuts new trailer for Zelda-Inspired RPG, Baldo

Earlier today we received a new trailer for the latest game from NAPS Team in Messina, Italy.

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Jeronemo461d ago

Pretty excited for this one, I'm digging the artstyle.
Here's hoping the battle system is any good.

OmarBanat457d ago

Absolutely agree. I hope the next trailer we see goes in-depth on the battle system since what we've seen so far looks pretty basic.

Jeronemo456d ago

Agreed. Let's hope it's got more depth than just hack 'n slash. Same goes for the puzzles... I can't remember the name of the game. It was such a promising game, but it turned out pretty aweful as the puzzles were just variations of "push this blok over there" and "hit that switch".