Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture tomorrow

Tomorrow at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

Watch tomorrow on PlayStation Blog

criticalkare1178d ago

is it in video form? or blog form?

antbolton891178d ago

it say's watch tomorrow so I'm assuming video form

Mr_cheese1178d ago

Really looking forward to this! Hope we get to see it and it isn't all specs but at this point, i'll settle with anything

bouzebbal1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Here we go.. Internet meltdown incoming..
Finally some positive news on these crappy times

RpgSama1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Lol, they waited until the end for MS to reveal their hand so they could show theirs, this is a great game of Poker they're playing, IF (and I mean a big IF) the Ps5 turns out to be more powerful than they Xbox Series X as some late rumors have indicated (13.3 Tflops and all the rest) it's going to be a very interesting couple of days.

GTgamer1178d ago

It's a video conference confirmed.

S2Killinit1178d ago

I have a feeling it will be marginally weaker in the graphics department (tflp). And stronger in other areas like that riddle leak suggested. But no matter, it will be the console to own looking at the history of what their devs can create.

RpgSama1178d ago


I agree, even with the 11.6 tflops rumor (or the 9tflops even) I would still go day one with the Ps5, I know the games will be there and I know what those developers can produce, Yes, MS bought a bunch of studios but most of them are unproven, just because you have great teams it doesn't mean they will immediately get great results.

morganfell1178d ago


It would be interesting but that is the limit of its impact. Power is useless other than as a bragging right (which is also meaningless) without the talent to employ it.

b163o11178d ago


Reading is fundamental my brother...

Edito1178d ago

@rpgSama you know what could be the biggest Microsoft hand on this wait and see game? If in the end they tell us that Series X is indeed Lockhart lol and that the anacondo is still coming after Sony shows Ps5 details hehehehe...

darthv721178d ago

Tomorrow at 9am (pacific) can't come soon enough.

indysurfn1177d ago


starchild1177d ago

Awesome. I've been waiting for this. I wonder if my PS4 Pro will still be able to play many of the upcoming games, albeit at lower quality settings. I'm going to be getting a PS5 either way, but I'm just curious.

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GTgamer1178d ago

I think Sony got my tweet from yesterday guys 😂😂😂 28514;

LegoIsAwesome1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

How do Sony calm down its fans over 1st party game coming to PC? By feeding them a glimpse of the PS5. Well played.

MajorLazer1178d ago

Oh no, a 3 year old game is coming to PC. Everyone's in meltdown /s
N4G is an echochamber and accounts for like 0.00000001 percent of gamers

LegoIsAwesome1178d ago

It is called '1st party' game right? And it is coming to PC? Regardless of how many years the game had been released. Anyway, Im gonna wait when Sony decided to bring the rest of its exclusive to PC.

Oh and I got all 3 consoles plus a gaming PC, and I primarily do my gaming on PS4 so dont call me a PC Master race of whatever they call themselves.

My point is, 23 years im a ps owner for its exclusive, then they release it on PC? Lol good move. Sony following on Xbox footsteps.

S2Killinit1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Dont feel bad. Its ok, while they get our crumbs, we play all the latest and greatest. (;

CoinOrc1178d ago

“I’m gonna wait until Sony decide to bring the rest of its exclusives to PC.”

Have fun waiting 3+ years.

rainslacker1177d ago

Havent seen ps fans that upset about it really. Maybe some, but it's certainly not the norm

xX-oldboy-Xx1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Lego - I just read your reply, all systems and a PC and you say your going to wait for Sony to release all exclusives on PC.

What about ms who already do that? Why would you need an ms console?

Seems your intelligence is on the small side - or your just lying.

thatguyhayat1177d ago


They clearly stated not all their first party games will come to PC just a very few will

LegoIsAwesome1177d ago

Oldboy - why do i need a xbox and a pc? Let me enlighten you. Im a editor/colorist. How can I edit and color something in an xbox?

I can take a picture of all of them just to make yo eat your words.

Unspoken1177d ago

Lol they keep moving the goals posts. Everytime Sony does something, even copying Microsoft directly, there is always a legitimate reason to do that. Im starting to see more and more where the problem of this site is rooted.

CoinOrc1177d ago

No one’s moving any goalpost. Porting a 3+ year old game to PC does not equal releasing games simultaneously on console and PC. I, along with many PS owners, already stated that if Sony does the same thing MS is doing, I would disapprove of it and just get a PC.

LegoIsAwesome1177d ago

As I said Im a ps owner and I take pride on the exclusives that the console I support. Then suddenly one of its exclusive, not just ANY exclusive but one of their flagship exclusive is coming to the PC? I dont know if they want more money or Kojima opened the door for them.

Kojima101: Go around the world and beg for a studios engine. Create a game base on that. Studio will follow Kojima by releasing their game to PC.

Oorrr new head of Sony doesnt give a crap on their brand

morganfell1177d ago

How does Sony calm down PC fans that never get some of their titles? It is an older title and here we are on the doorstep of next gen with the sequel heading to PS5. I platinumed the game long ago and I am a massive PS fanboy. I say enjoy the game on PC. All I see is a game that will make stubborn PC players say, "Damn I have to go out and get a PlayStation so I do not have to wait next time."

xxShadow-Shockxx1177d ago

Is nobody else pointing out the fact the the head of worldwide studios now is who was the head of guerilla games and that maybe he just has a soft spot for his former teams creation?

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-Foxtrot1178d ago

Kind of odd they’ve waited for Microsoft to show their specs, I thought it was about price tbh.

Wonder what it means?

Better or worse

darthv721178d ago

That is an interesting observation. Maybe they feel that their reveal will be sufficient to quell the cries for information? Or maybe they saw MS specs and know theirs is on par and/or just a hint better? Whatever the case may be... 9am tomorrow is gonna be lit.

isarai1177d ago

It was planned for GDC, but that got canceled, so here we are

-Foxtrot1177d ago

I read that isaria but honestly we’ll never truly know will we

blackblades1177d ago

What @isarai said, it's best not to think that way.

L7CHAPEL1177d ago

I think it just means that people are tired of waiting for any information whatsoever, and it's time for sony to at least show something,
I'm sure they can be fairly confident that their fans are going to remain their fans.
so it's 9 vs 12 teraflops🙄
the only real question will be with third-party developers,
and I don't see them doing anything drastically different based on that alone between the two (more powerful) console markets.

your fans want to see what you've got, so show it to them.
At this point it's not about anybody beating anybody, Sony and Microsoft are going their own way,
Microsoft is going to slowly build back up their fan base and their customer base by simply not making the mistakes they made the last generation,
and producing good high quality games and a very flexible service, and the kind of options that will allow you to play them anyway you like.
I'm an Xbox guy and I am very excited for what's coming down the road, and I'm sure fans of Sony will not be disappointed in what they're going to get, you haven't been so far have you?...
Not from everything I read.

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1177d ago
Gunstar751177d ago

@Edito series x is Anaconda. There is a big white snake printed on one of the motherboards.

GamerRN1176d ago

Literally 30 minutes on SSD? WTF

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Doge1178d ago

What the hell took them so long?

UltraNova1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Hahaha, gold!

I find Sony's timing fascinating, whatever they reveal tommorow will be their own planning all along.

Greatness has arrived boys and girls!

Imalwaysright1178d ago

I'm just glad that I wasn't drinking coffe.

F0XH0UND9221178d ago

Foxhound approves of this message 😝

frostypants1178d ago

It's been over 45 dog years since the PS4 was released, cut him some slack.

MrVux0001177d ago

Comment of the day people!

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1177d ago

They waited for microsoft to announce the xbox series x first.

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SamPao1178d ago

in what reference frame? they have all the time they want :)

Doge1178d ago

I’m an impatient dog when there’s no timeframe lmao

PowerPlayaaa1178d ago

Microsoft bro. Now it's time for the BIG GUNS 😎

UltraNova1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Plan, observe and act. Not the other way around. Sony is one step ahead.

GTgamer1178d ago

Last leak from Tommy fischer said PS5 is 13.3 teraflops and he was 100% correct about xboxSX specs so let's see what happens tomorrow but if PS5 is stronger than the XboxSX after Spencer saying they won't loose the power battle again that would be funny.

UltraNova1178d ago


I have a feeling Sony will launch with two SKUs, a regular ps5 and a Pro variant, the latter being as if not more powerful than the Series X. Let's see if I'm right or wrong tommorow.

GTgamer1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

@ultranova if they do that then I'm scared to see the price of the pro variant. 😂😂😂

S2Killinit1178d ago

I doubt it. I think it will be marginally weaker. The difference will be miniscule.

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goldwyncq1178d ago

Can’t let Microsoft hog the spotlight.

AnubisG1178d ago

Waiting on MS to reveal their system. Now we won't get a price since MS did not reveal their price but at least we will see the system.

UltraNova1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

That's a good thing, this way PS5 will be cheaper or the same price as the Series X at most. Be patient people.

Oh and start saving, hard.