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Your character in Left 4 Dead dies much of the same way that protagonists die in previous games in the genre. Zombies come out of nowhere, jump on you, and blood comes gushing out, which can be scary if this is the first "zombie shooter" you have ever played in your life. If you're reading this article though, we're pretty sure that you've played them all. The zombies die the same, you die the same, your partners die the same. Everything is just (*sigh) the same.

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tinydancer3621d ago

Don't totally agree with this review, but good nonetheless.

tinydancer3621d ago

Ambivalent with this review. Good read overall though.

barom3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Personally I tried the L4D demo and it didn't get me all excited. But this review sounds kinda weird. I mean he compared it to the RE series. In the reviewer's own words:

"Left 4 Dead plays almost identical to Resident Evil. Not only does it play like the earlier game, but it looks almost identical to it also."

I mean I've played both and Resident Evil's gameplay is wayyyyy different. In the early RE games, it was usually puzzles and some gunplay. In RE4 there was a lot of gunplay but still a bit slow-paced compared to shooters. But L4D is a very fast paced shooter. I would rather compare it to Unreal Tournament 3 and it's against AI controlled zombies instead of people.

Maybe he was referring to RE5 which does resemble a bit more but it's still a much more slower paced gameplay than L4D.

Bnet3433621d ago

Weird rating system. They use a dice lol. I bet they roll for each game and give it that score. "Holy shiz! Gears 2 rolled a 1!!" XD

Bombomb3621d ago

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MountainMaverick3621d ago

Listen, if you like this stuff you'll like it. if not you will think its boring like this review makes it out as.

MountainMaverick3621d ago

It's a good review but it all depends on if you like this type of game or not.