Thunderbolt Games Review Mirror's Edge (PS3)

Patrick Coakley, Thunderbolt: "Let me preface this by saying there are very few games in this world that make me want to throw my controller or induce an incredible rage that requires me to stop playing immediately and go do something to blow off some steam. Street Fighter II, ironically one of my favorite games, can turn me into a wild beast. Lately, no game has really angered me to this extreme, but here we are again with one of the most stress-inducing and frustrating games I've ever played, Mirror's Edge."

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ToastyMcNibbles3625d ago

harsh indeed...i actually think the game is great

Antan3625d ago

lol, why would you have 2 reviewers review effectively the same game on both machines? Especially when one is rated above the other like this.


ouch again . but ladies and gentlemen buy or rent the game and judge for yourself. I wont do neither though. to many other games to play ....if your on the kz2 beta you can be my friend and have good fun .