Badass Crackdown Physics Video

With a record-breaking number of demos downloaded, Crackdown promises to bring a few fireworks to the party. If YOUR a 'fire-starter', you might want to pay attention to this vid.

What goes up....................................

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THWIP5719d ago

....but I used regular grenades instead. This game is so freakin' purchase for sure.

Yo Wassap5718d ago

This game is phenomenal, i have to try that out tomorrow; i've already done the climbing the agency tower thing o this is next on my hit list

This site keeps looking worse with every update :-(

ryanjtravis5718d ago

What are you on crack man? The site has never looked better... I really can't think of one single thing on the old site that looked even close to as good as this does...

RedSoakedSponge5718d ago

this is the reason to buy crackdown, not the halo 3 beta :P. i feel sorry for the people who made crackdown cos everyones gonna think it was cos of the beta that this is gunna be a huge hit. This game is awesome on its own.


joemutt5718d ago

I need to try that one.

DC RID3R5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )


if you want to get your arson on, look NO further.
the physics in this game are very impressive indeed.

gogators5718d ago

really going to be that fun. I haven't downloaded then demo, yet. It would be great if this game turns out to be a AAA title.