GamePro: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

Tomb Raider: Underworld brings Lara Croft back in an ardent effort to stop what has been a heady descent into video game irrelevance, and with gun fights, motorcycle sprints, and acrobatics galore, Underworld helps elevate the once lauded action franchise out of the dark depths. Unfortunately, this decidedly outmoded adventure isn't enough to lift Lara back to her once lofty perch.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Lara tries to whip out the twins -- get your mind out of the gutter: the "twins" GamePro is talking about here are 'action' and 'adventure' -- in order to evoke some excitement in Underworld but there isn't enough solid action to back up the platforming. All in all, Ms. Croft's latest effort falls a bit flat with a dated feel; it's obvious that the genre that Lara helped pioneer has long passed her by.

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sonarus3647d ago

did anyone expect anything better?

Panthers3647d ago

Ill help ya pitch the tent. Cant wait for Uncharted 2.

Morgan Douglas Jones3647d ago

Funny how Uncharted SLAUGHTERS this game in every department. Lol @ the horny Tomb Raider fans that are only buying this to jerk off to Lara Croft's ultra low poly character model.

ThanatosDMC3647d ago

And here i thought they were gonna up the score for this one cuz of all the advertising Eidos is doing for their website. Guess, they learned something from the Jeff Gesterman(sp?) scenario. Wonder how Gamespot will mark this.

kindi_boy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

and this is the 2nd, and i gave it 4 hours playing and i kinda enjoy it.
and yes i agree the demo did suck really hard.

if someone disagrees because they didn't even try out the game and ranting on uncharted 2 just because they played it in their fancy little ps3 die hard fan club world they can go and FCUK themselves for all i care.

i own a ps3 and played uncharted and it's an amazing game.

littletad3647d ago

I'll wait for Prince of Persia. Less than a month away.

badz1493647d ago

I still can't get into the whole out of 5 rating because it seems too narrow to judge anything just by 5 points!

but I'm expecting 8 at the highest (I personally rate Uncharted 9 - 9.5)! the graphic (at least in the demo and trailer) seems too dull and far away from matching the PS3's "Dude Raider"! maybe it will sell pretty well to the fans and people might still enjoy it but on PS3, lara can't stand the might of drake and that's for sure!

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Silogon3647d ago

The demo on live was junk, imagine how crappy it's going to be on Ps3... I shutter to think.

[email protected]3647d ago

Sometimes I hate ur ignorant comment... but here my 2 cents:

Equally worse like the xbox360 and all the counterparts version case closed.

Panthers3647d ago

I agree Siligon, that is why I will wait for the far superior Uncharted 2. How about you? Oh wait....

Morgan Douglas Jones3647d ago

Every time you see this guy posting just take his bubbles. Just go back to writing for that crappy website of yours, Gamesblow.

-GametimeUK-3647d ago

uncharted being compared to tomb raider? lolz... i think uncharted plays more like gears of war... in which case i have gears2 now so need for uncharted2

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Th3 Chr0nic3647d ago

if u read the comments on the review some ppl make it sound like the guy doing the review didnt even play the game, his comment about not being able to shoot from hanging on ledges was shot down as inaccurate and this leads ppl to beleive gamepro is more like lamepro

i have noticed this lately that all gamepros reviews seem short and very poor in the information dept. i think gamepro is dead

xg-ei8ht3647d ago

Silogon - wtf are you on about.

It runs and looks fine on ps3.

You either like TR or you don't.

I like it, so i'll like the game.

chanto233647d ago

last time i checked i didn't see anything...

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