Possible Problem: Resistance 2's Best Storytelling Is Hidden [SPOILERS]

Patrick Klepek from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"I enjoyed my time with the story-driven side of Resistance 2. The issue some critics have had is that Insomniac Games' ditching of narrated cut-scenes in favor of mostly in-game storytelling, ala "Half-Life" or "BioShock," seemed to result in a loss of detail.

But … I discovered that's not entirely true.

Everything I wanted to know about Resistance 2's story is there, but Insomniac hid it away as "intel" most players will collect mostly for the trophies. When I found one, it shocked me. There's lots of story in Resistance 2!"

Warning: **Spoilers follow after the jump**

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grantps33622d ago

yeah thats true i sat down and read the find out so much more information about the resistance universe

The Matrix3621d ago

**SPOILER** Agreed, reading the intel gives amazing details including one particular intel that will be the basis for Resistance 3. If I remember right it was about a scout who found that the Chimera had unearthed and were protecting a massive weapon of destruction...the perfect weapon to destroy the Chimera for good if the humans can get their hands on it. Believe that in Resistance 3 your main objective will be to find that weapon to defeat the Chimera.**SPOILER**

P_Bomb3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

I found a piece of Intel late in the game with HUGE exposition on the Chimera including their...

previous war on earth VS another alien race millions of years ago or whatever

...all I could think about was how randomly I just happened to find this Intel and how much it would suck if somebody missed it. I still haven't found them all, who knows what else I'm missing?

himdeel3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago ) packed full of story that supplements the single player. It also gives loads of back story ala classified information and snippets of insight into everything else leading up to R1 and during R2.

This is why I just to this day cannot understand why people say there is no story in R2...nevermind I just realized people don't read. That's why reviewers keep saying there is no story you actually have to play the game a couple of times to collect the story that's not told in game.

Anyway if you play through R2 one time not really paying attention to the in game dialog you'll miss a bunch and if you don't collect the intel you miss the rest. I can see how this could be frustrating for some. Oh some then you cheat and win the rest =)

KARMA20093622d ago

Im still waiting for my R2 from ebay.

Cwalat3622d ago

actually this is the same deal as in Resistance 1...
the narrative storytelling isn't the only place where you'll it... the intel in the first Resistance was pretty deep aswell...

fafoon3622d ago

Searching through the Game a few more times for hidden Stuff you missed
A lot of Games do this
All be it it may have nothing to do with the Story
But this is why Resistance 2 is a Huge and Great Game
Just because this guy doesn't have time to play through again
Doesn't mean it spoil's the Game in anyway

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