Gears 5 Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X GIF & Minecraft Ray-Tracing Screenshots Showcase the New Console

Microsoft reached out with a press kit about the version of Gears 5 and the demo showcasing ray-tracing in Minecraft on Xbox Series X.

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Neonridr399d ago

The raytracing in Minecraft gives each scene an entirely different feel. Definitely feels like a game changer in that regard. Very purdy too.

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xX-oldboy-Xx399d ago

Neonridr - Wouldn't it be better to see a NEW game? MINECRAFT is a huge game and people would play regardless, purdy or not.

An actual 'game changer' would be a game that is actually new showcasing xsx - not a graphics update to previous gen games.

That's looking back and saying your going forward.

Neonridr399d ago

I mean the differences alone show you how much of a change they can make. Looking at a newer title like Gears 5 you see less of a return as it was already a pretty game.

And yes, sure it would be nice to see it in Halo instead. But it's just demonstrating ray tracing as a technology. Doesn't matter if it's a AAA game or an indie game. The end results are noticeable.

xX-oldboy-Xx399d ago

I really think it's a missed opportunity, Halo has already been announced - just a screenshot showing the differences.

Judging by the comments ms fans are happy with what they've been shown.

I'd be a little disappointed if Sony showed me Days Gone with Ray-tracing. But to each his own.

shiva1399d ago

This was not revealed at some expo, event or a teaser. This was some guy from some company visiting MS as he was invited to see whats coming.

Im pretty sure deep down you must be thinking why you were not invited to see all this first hand.

So if you are asking for something then aim that towards sony as they have nothing other than logo at the moment. MS is coming out with all you need anyway in coming days, weeks and months

AngelicIceDiamond399d ago

Countless times ever since the X019 event they stated and teased new AAA games. MS seems to have something to talk about Every month so far since it's the X Series announcement. It's a broken record whenever someone says "where are the games" we know when they'll be presented.

xX-oldboy-Xx399d ago

shiva1 - Sony also has 3 new titles releasing in the next 3 months, 2 of them potentially the biggest games this gen and a new ip.

Strange thing that - a new ip from a console maker.

Maybe Rich was shown something but is silenced by an NDA, maybe not.

Seems a lot of hot air without any substance.

A screen shot is too much to ask for? Actually seeing what the console can do is too much to ask for? A simple screen shot comparison of xsx and xbox one.

Like I've said - looking back to look forward.

It was the same this gen, ms fans spent more time spouting 'Backwards Compatibility' than talking about new games.

chiefJohn117399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Minecraft looks like a whole new game and they are releasing the dungeon expansion. I had 0 interest in Minecraft. But this new tech with the expansion has peeked my interest. I'm definitely gonna try it out now. I'd call that a game changer.

Lol you'd be disappointment of they showed days gone with Ray tracing? ROFL so showing you nothing= okay tho? Would it be disappointing cause days gone was a bad game? And this is random info. Not some big e3 reveal. Just glad MS is drip feeding us with appetizers till we get the full course meal reveal rather than leaving us in the dark

Is seeing what the console can do too much to ask for? 12TFLOPS!!! What's PS5 horse power? Exactly don't know, so take that BS over to Sony

xX-oldboy-Xx398d ago

If Sony was at the point that ms is in terms of releasing information - yh I would be disappointed.

A PS5 launch title has already been shown, and a 3rd party one at that. It is still something.

I don't want to be sold on last gen games getting an upgrade - that is not something I'm looking for in my next gen system.

Just show me what it can do - why do I need to upgrade.

This is a bullet point at best.

But it seems you lot are happy that an indie game got a lick of paint.

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DJStotty398d ago


"An actual 'game changer' would be a game that is actually new showcasing xsx - not a graphics update to previous gen games."

Like Hellblade 2 or Halo Infinite you mean?

Both games have been shown and details on what it is like on Series X.

DJStotty398d ago


" ms fans spent more time spouting 'Backwards Compatibility' than talking about new games."

(Sony implements backwards compatibility into its next console)

Think you clicked on the wrong tab at the top of the page.

fathertime4464398d ago

You are aware that gears was running at 100fps on ultra and 50% more particles than even pc has on it. And that was just a 2 week job. That should blow your mind.

If a game that maxed out the one x is now competing with one of the best graphics cards on the market right now and surpassing it in particles, and still not maxing out the xsx than that is freaking awesome. I don't care that it's not a new game! It definitely shows what the future tech can offer and there's still head room

GamesAsAService398d ago


What is the easiest way to see a dark object? Put it on a white background.

Contrast allows us to easily see the impact something has. By having such a stark before and after image, we get to really understand the impact Ray Tracing will have on games generally. While the benefits might be difficult to see in a modern games, there is no question of its impact in minecraft.

This is also a good way of letting the less technical among us know how this technology will impact the games we play. Seeing is usually more potent than reading about the effects.

That is why minecraft was shown. It is both a lesson on what ray tracing is, and a tech demo rolled into one.

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Zeref392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

So you must be furious at sony for literally not showing ANYTHING?

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masterfox399d ago

MS is doing the exact same mistakes as they did with the Xbox one x just to let you know, specs this specs that, resolution this resolution that, game mode options this and there, ray tracing Minecraft ?*facepalm* , oh man, I do really got excited when I saw a new video a Digital Foundry with real specs but as the video goes on and on all this really got familiar from a MS console point of view, where are the FREAKING NEW GAMES THAT USES THIS POWER MS!!??!?, I don't effing care how your old games will look like in a new console, show the new stuff, the new IPs, the new worlds, put some effort on that MS.

MS at this point the only way they can win or be at the console race at least is to show immediately new games , new next gen games, seriously are they braindead?, Minecraft ?, Gears of War freaking again?, Halo more FUDGING Halo? , just to inform you Sony is about to release new exclusives in the current PS4 consoles that looks miles better, interesting and impressive of what was shown today from MS.

Remember when Sony PS4 was presented along side what the games will look like?, that's exactly what MS needs with their new mini heater I mean New Xbox.

Gaming4Life1981399d ago

You cannot be series........MS showed an in depth look at the console hardware and showed off some of its capabilities. This was not a conference showing off games and revealing all features for launch.

Honestly you sound like the type that no matter what MS does you will try and find a negative but someone has to hate I guess.

DJStotty398d ago

They must not have listened to the digital foundry analysis, where they reveal a 2 week port was performing at the same performance as an RTX 2080 with no optimisation.

SyntheticForm399d ago

Were you upset when Sony showed their new SSD loading up Marvel's Spider-Man, a current-gen PS4 game? Companies shouldn't show how new tech benefits old games at all? Every example must be 'all new' huh?

I think you're full of it.

spicelicka399d ago

Wtf are you talking about?? What games has Sony presented for PS5? Neither consoles have had an information blowout reveal. Maybe wait before you get your undies twisted?

Kabaneri399d ago

So now its "all about the games" because the rumors are hinting a weaker PS5. You people were singing a different tune in 2013, when the PS4 had the power advantage.

Fanboys are like political ideologues with their agendas. Its pathetic to have a $300 console as part of your identity.

Edgelordsupreme399d ago

Hell has frozen over, I agree with Kabaneri.

masterfox399d ago

"So now its "all about the games" because the rumors are hinting a weaker PS5",

Agendas?, such short memory of some, guess the xbox one X superior specs help them alot to be number one or help them to sell more consoles right ?, I sure did rushed to my store and buy an xbox one x on release date.....NOT!, is not about agendas or fanboyism is about common sense/logic, great performance and great games are equally important on a gaming console and MS just has only one part of that, and well look at that MS is proportionally correct in terms of sales in comparison of Sony's PS4 sales I wonder why hmmm. ;)

I don't care if a console or PC reaches a million K resolution, this doesn't mean a rat ass in this gaming industry if it only does that, if the console or gaming PC doesn't have great games to play alongside those specs those specs are meaningless simple as that, if some people can't understand this or have such "short" memory well I'm sorry for that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

xX-oldboy-Xx399d ago

It's always been about the games - when hasn't it? The tune was sung because you lot were paying more for a weaker system. Short memories.

Remember ms tried FORCING you all to have a Kinect? Remember ms were going to sell your user data and have advertising pushed to you based off your user habits? Good bloke ms /s

Now ot, ms has actually announced a 1st party launch title for xsx - Halo: Infinite. It would've been a good time for them show just a screenshot of a comparison between xsx and xbox one. It was the perfect time actually.

shiva1399d ago


Thanks. You can now take my down vote for that.

Edgelordsupreme399d ago

Oh my, look at these children squirm. I dont even own an Xbox anymore but it sure is fun watching these guys twist in the wind. People like Masterfox and Oldboy make me kind of ashamed to own a Playstation, the insecurity basically oozes out of them.

DJStotty398d ago (Edited 398d ago )


Halo Infinite was announced E3 2018? And even then xbox fans knew it was a next-gen game. Don't know where you have been.

Imalwaysright398d ago

"Fanboys are like political ideologues with their agendas. Its pathetic to have a $300 console as part of your identity."

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Blu3_Berry399d ago

Meanwhile Sony has not said a word about anything. Besides this is simply talking about the specs and what it can do. That's literally it. You can't expect them to reveal new games in a blog post or something. Besides, we need Microsoft whether you like it or not. If Microsoft were to simply stop making consoles or not be in the gaming industry at all, Sony would take an advantage of all of us. We need competition. Some companies excel in certain areas while others do well in something else.

masterfox399d ago

"We need competition" , I agree on that.... meanwhile MS
less than 50 millions vs Sony 100 plus millions sales ...yeahh MS you are doing a "greeaaaat" job competing....*facepalm*

"Yeah MS keep throwing at us your specs!! woohooooo yeah!!!!this will show the competition" :D

I mean really I wonder why MS does this, they aren't in a good position to brag about specs they need to show games period!, most probably they do this specs PR cause they have nothing else to show , seriously even a tech demo for a new game would be nice.

SyntheticForm399d ago


When you do a spec and feature reveal, you focus specifically on the specs and features.

You're still flailing and trying to change the topic. This wasn't and isn't about games no matter how much you want it to be or how much concern you feign.

We see what you're doing. You really should stop.

DJStotty398d ago

There are doing better every generation,

It's ok to admit that, you don't need to be scared.

chiefJohn117399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

This isn't a reveal, but hey at least you tried lol.....NEXT

They show new ip. "OMG MP where the SP".
They show SP. "OMG it's just a trailer where the gameplay"
They show gameplay OMG it's cartoony where the graphics"
They show great graphics " OMG more of the same"
Give it a rest already

Ilikethemall850402398d ago

You really sound shook up there buddy.

Xavi4K398d ago

Are you aware that this is not E3 ???

Zeref398d ago

I don't recall Sony showing first party games alongside their logo

DJStotty398d ago

The logo that they employed 1 person, for 40 seconds, to change it from a 4 to a 5 using photoshop?

That logo?

Apex13398d ago

Someone actually gets it. Why bring out a more powerful system to play the same games but upgraded? The current gen systems aren’t bad at all so why would I and what motivation do I have to spend money on a new system when I can play the same games on a cheaper current gen system! Smh. This will back fire and if gamers are silly enough to buy what will be an expensive console just to play current gen games with more shine then they really do need to get out more.

RangerWalk267398d ago

Miles better?? I don't think so you say? Which game looks miles better than GW5? I'll wait.

Microsoft has been trickling out information every week. I'm pretty sure before the launch of the console, they will be showing new games being powered by the series X. Simmer down now

King_Noctis398d ago

Basically, all your post could be summarized to just “MS bad, Sony good”.

TommyVercetti88398d ago

Safe some for the live stream no audience E3 geez

GamesAsAService398d ago

*Massive Eyeroll*

THank you for your insight masterfox.

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RazzerRedux399d ago

Like HDR, it is going to depend on how each developer implements RT.

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aaronaton399d ago

Member Berries now in 4K 60. Can't wait to see Crackdown 3 in 4K 60, game changer.....
Member teh cloud? I member.

Neonridr399d ago

ray tracing is tech that will be in both consoles. Don't be a hypocrite.

aaronaton399d ago

I've just gone through my comment twice now, and i still can't find where i mentioned Ray Tracing.
Interesting, very interesting.

shiva1399d ago

Having a meltdown dont you.

aaronaton399d ago

Sorry Yoda. I'll try not to.

chiefJohn117399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

This is Ray tracing tech you made yourself look like a fool

King_Noctis398d ago

“Teh cloud” is still happening, albeit with a different service by the name xCloud.

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MrVux000399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Minecraft images show improvements but, call me crazy, some images look a bit worse with ray-tracing ON for Gears 5?

Neonridr399d ago

the lighting is more accurate in ray traced scenes. So why they might look darker. It's not a significant difference, but the textures are definitely cleaner in the Series X and there is some added geometry.

ElementX399d ago

It's also unoptimized right now and the footage is from a 2 week old build.

Juiceid399d ago

I agree, I liked each gears screenshot better without rt.

Zeref398d ago

Gears wasn't using raytracing smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

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