Exclusive: CoD: World at War - PS3 vs Xbox 360 comparison video

Eurogamer Portugal published an exclusive video comparing the two versions from Call of Duty: World at War. Enjoy!

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sonarus3619d ago

Hmmm how much enjoyment can one really get from watching these comparisons. Its gotten stale and i have grown tired of them

kharma453619d ago

I agree, does anyone really care anymore?

Fishy Fingers3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Apparently so, so much in fact we'll have it twice :/ But at least this one doesnt have any ads.

WANNA GET HIGH3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Buy the one u want.All this ps3 v 360 every time a new multiplat game is released is getting lame.

Aclay3619d ago

Nope, don't care about video comparisons.

Whenever I know that graphical beasts of games like KZ2 and Heavy Rain are possible on the PS3, I don't need to see comparisons of 3rd party games whenever those developers clearly aren't utilizing the PS3 to a much higher capacity, they are just scratching the surface.

If 3rd party devs. were using the PS3 to the capacity that Guerrilla has then I would care about video comparisons, but since they dont use the PS3 in the way that Sony 1st party devs. do, I could care less about them.

joydestroy3619d ago

I F-ING CARE! i'm a dual console owner and wanna know which version is best! so there are people out there like me that care!!!

the comparison videos are never gonna stop. i'll make them myself if i have to!

Yoma3619d ago

who the f.. aprove this? please stop it. I think I have seen like 4 videos of this meaningless cod5 comparison videos..

Kleptic3619d ago

@ 22 seconds...I only noticed because the video stalled there...but the PS3 version has much sharper cloth texturing on that guys shoulder, closest to the camera...

I'm only bringing this up because that is normally an area where the 360 takes an edge...but I would never have even noticed had it not stalled there and started buffering again...

either way...its the cod 4 engine...both systems are beasts at running that engine (despite being sub HD, CoD 4 still looks great)...and I guarantee, unless there are frame rate issues with one version, no one can tell them apart when you are actually playing the game...

Time_Is_On_My_Side3619d ago

I understand what you mean but at the same time if you need a video comparison to see the differences what's the point? I only see this needed if at all is when you can see the differences without multiple versions side by side. When you can see the difference without it being side by side you have something other than that I find it leading to bias thinking.

Traveler3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

The problem with that theory is that these low quality internet videos actually don't show the full extent of the differences that you will see on a high def TV. I have seen a lot of videos in the past where in the relatively small internet videos you couldn't tell any major difference, but when I later got the game and compared it to a friend's copy of the other console version I found that there were fairly large differences. People said Dark Sector looked the same on both platforms and so I bought it for my PS3, only to later compare it to a friend's Xbox 360 copy and find that the PS3 version did not look as good (fuzzier image quality and more jaggies). People also said that the demo of Mirror's Edge looked the same on both consoles, but when I compared both versions I thought the 360 version looked a lot cleaner and sharper (less aliasing and screen tearing). Those experiences, and many others like them, have taught me that people's judgment regarding multiplatform comparison videos is not reliable. Even when you can see clear differences in a video many people will claim that they see no difference.

I can tell you one thing for sure, if you can see a difference in one of these low quality internet videos I can guarantee that you will see much larger differences if you compare both versions on a HDTV.

I own both consoles and I paid a lot of money to get both of them (around $900.00), so of course I want to get the best version my money can buy. It's just common sense.

I can see why single-console owners might get annoyed with comparison videos because they don't like to see it when their console's version looks somewhat inferior. But it pisses me off to no end that people can't seem to understand why many of us care about these comparisons. Thank god that there are some sources out there that are willing to provide this valuable service to us multi-console owners.

Edit: BTW, why am I not surprised that every single person above me that complained about these comparisons is either a PS3 fan or leans that way in their preference?

kopicha3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

if you really F---ing care. you should have been playing this on a PC since its pretty pointless to compare a multiplat game on those 2. PC will own them both. from your post you really dont sound mature and makes me think you are just another kid that likes to ignite war between fanboys. if its purely on the console side, there's usually almost no difference to very minor ones which doesnt justify as the definitive version. unless pc doesnt have the game and its only available via the 2 consoles then i might agree a little on comparing but over all its still pretty pointless as i can tell you no multiplat games can ever utilize those console hardware properly since those engine are build to work more generic as thus you can ever gain console specific advantage. and for such game where pc is also another avaliable platform its even more waste of time to do a comparison.

PS: Traveler - regarding Mirror's Edge from your comment you pretty much saying that IGN's reviewers are blind. putting the look of the game aside, its a known thing that PS3 controller handle the game better than the xbox controller too. so maybe i should ask you do you buy a game to play or buy a game to watch? althou you claim you own both console but it seems that you cant even get your priority right.

shazam3619d ago

they both look like sh|t to me. i hate the new cod engine and its hideous textures.

SL1M DADDY3618d ago

Didn't we just see about three or four of these articles posted up over the past week for other sites? Is that what exclusive means these days?

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testerg353619d ago

Nice.. so it takes all of that just to match the 360 version.

Polluted3619d ago

Another one? Wow. It was more fun watching the comments back when there was an actual difference to be seen in these multi-plats.

SaberEdge3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

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