What subjects the new BioShock game should tackle next, according to philosophy professors

Philosophy professors on the issues, belief systems, and politics they'd like BioShock to tackle next.

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Fist4achin499d ago

This series and farcry tackle some big issues in society. I love how they present and build a game around using societal issues. These two series always have a fan in me!

lptmg499d ago

the weird thing is that Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite were such perfect polar opposites that I don't see how and where a new Bioshock would be set.

Bioshock was a claustrophobic horror set in a closed nightmarish underwater city after the main incidents have happened, a consequence when you let technology and science rule over emotion.

Bioshock Infinite was a more open swashbuckling adventure set in a sunny paradisiac place above the clouds, and the incidents were unfolding with you being the main catalyst. The place was also a consequence of religion and emotion ruling over science and logic

Where would a new Bioshock fit?

NecrumOddBoy499d ago

I think something with trains and steam would fit perfectly. Maybe in the center of the earth accessed from an island volcano that pipes down?

As forthe politics, perhaps a tribal worship of the end times? I envision something like the people who worship the bomb in Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Terry_B499d ago

A virus that is harmless for over 80% of the people but 100% of them are in panic and the player has to survive them and their lust for toilet paper

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Tross499d ago

Yeah...I'm actually preparing less for the spread of a pandemic that's barely afflicting people around here, but more for the effect mass panic and government intervention is going to have (and has already had) on everything. I'm also stocking up on everything I can in case my government really does force my region into lockdown for a week or two (there is a rumor circulating around that they might consider it if "things don't improve").

william_cade499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

Yeah, because 20% out of a few billion doesn't really matter much. Not saying this is an excuse to "panic buy" TP, but let's not pretend it's just another day.

Terry_B499d ago

Here in Germany only 0,02% of the infected people so far died. It varies from region to region of course, but for only like 20 %..mostly of people that are over 60 years old the infection is something serious..and only for 1-4% of them it ends with death. Often at an age where death is normal anyway. Sure, its not harmless but the panic right now is damn overblown..and dangerous. And thats what could be interesting as an element in a game.

william_cade498d ago

So, 20% of your region is the only thing matters? You must be an awesome person. But then again emapthy is something that can't be taught, I suppose.

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mastershredder499d ago

gamesrader... "oh bioshock on the freebreeze list, maybe I need to write a basic-bs article about Bioshock so there's something to post". Yawn. This is why gaming journalism really sucks major ass these days.

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