Sega Reassures Fans Concerned about Sonic Unleashed Quality

From Strategy Informer: "Strategy Informer recently reported that the PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed has been delayed in North America until December. The Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 version of the game will still be released on 28th November.

"We asked Sega for a explanation on why the PlayStation 3 version has been delayed, and they sent us a statement about the release date outside of Japan, and to reassure fans that were worried about the quality between versions of the game released in Japan and the versions released outside of Japan."

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Yi-Long3621d ago

I've said it before and I've said it again: the best Sonic games in history are the first 2 Megadrive games, and Sonic CD. That's it.

They need to just make a 2d-sprite-based Sonic platformer (not a racer like all these current titles seem to be) in the spirit of those first few games. That's all.

It would look dropdead gorgeous in HD 2d sprite-based graphics, and 2d platforming was always a great genre, so I have no idea why they traded that in for 3d platforming. It should be able to exist side-by-side.

vitz33621d ago

And so the cycle continues...

AAACE53621d ago

It looks like they might get sonic to work this time!

If anyone cares... I got tired of trying to pass the "Post news test" but on, they have a Dec. 1st release date for Final Fantasy XIII on Ps3 that just went up recently!

Pennywise3621d ago

After the last sonic, he should die.

himdeel3621d ago

...out of existence. I'd just don't want him to die arbitrarily...but I do want him to be gone for a LONG time if this game sucks.

Harry1903621d ago

that a franchise that has been kicked in the nuts so many times still has so many devoted fans. A great bravo to those brave souls.

ChickeyCantor3621d ago

one hit =/= all rings gone = partially fail.
This game isn't hard....the enemies were always a joke.
And now they made it [100% chance of reaching finish on each try.]

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The story is too old to be commented.