Resident Evil 5 Achievements

Steve from ResidentEvilNews writes:

With the release of Resident Evil 5 edging nearer and nearer, has anybody been curious about just what kind of Resident Evil 5 achievements Capcom will have set up for the Xbox 360 version? Personally, I'm the kind of person who loves to see that little "Achievement Unlocked" message spring up at the bottom of my screen as I'm playing. I won't go on about just how genius the Xbox 360's achievement list system is either.

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ionize3648d ago

If you complete the game without the Xbox crapping out - 25000G

ape0073648d ago

if you stop crying and sniffing around,n4g will be a better place

Bnet3433648d ago

Resident Evil 5 is for Xbox 360, not Xbox.

Achievement Unlocked
You fail 0G

Heldrasil3648d ago

too bad they are only the writers "suggestions". I don't see how this made it as "news".

Bnet3433648d ago

Yeah this article fails. and its old

LeonSKennedy4Life3648d ago

How about trophies as well?

Haha...they're always the same...

PotNoodle3648d ago

Getting trophies for me is more satisfying than achievements, i love that noise when you unlock a trophy and the nice picture of it, especially now that it actually has the picture of the trophy specifically for that game and not just the standard bronze/silver/gold/platinum trophy.

iggypop1233648d ago

this is speculation. what a waste of time

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