ZTGD Review: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

ZTGD: In the realm of licensed games no company has seen more success than Activision, especially when it comes to those aimed at a younger demographic. Titles such as Bee Movie, Kung-Fu Panda and Spider-Man Friend or Foe were all solid entries that you could recommend to parents without feeling like you were shoveling them a load of garbage with their child's favorite character plastered on the front of the box. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa continues this trend with a comedic platformer that stays true to the source material as well as delivering a solid and enjoyable experience. While it certainly will not set a new standard for the genre, it will deliver an ample amount of entertainment.

+ Hilarious cut scenes
+ Tons of variety
+ Fun for all ages
- Some mini-games are tedious
- The voice acting falls short sometimes

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