Blizzard Entertainment Implements Work-From-Home Policy

With the growing threat and the USA announced a national state of emergency, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to send all staff home as it implements a work-from-home policy.

Outside of the USA Blizzard staff will follow local guidelines. Just including Europe, Blizzard has offices, distribution centers, and sales offices in Ireland, France, UK, Spain, and Italy to name but a few. With all those countries implementing varied levels of lockdowns or caution.

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BrainSyphoned143d ago

With their dealings with China I was for sure they would have secret cures to let them keep working at oppressing people through their games.

Fist4achin143d ago

That's awesome. They probably love the Chinese govt even more with their response to the pandemic and are praising them even more.

Veneno143d ago

After all of the overreactive stories come out it will change to all of the lay off stories. Just keeps getting better......