LEAKED: Playstation Home 1.0 out Nov. 20;everything you wanted to know about Home 1.0

Hit the jump now to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Home 1.0. Screen-captures have been taken by GT user 'jontay' straight off the official Playstation Home private beta forums.

UPDATE: Jontay deleted his post.

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Juevani3623d ago

Im @work so I cant open the link, can someone pls tell what it says.. is home comin home soon *lol*

thx (if ya'll do it) lol

Milky Joe3623d ago

It's being made available in the closed beta on the 20th. Still not ready for general release, I'm afraid.

Euphrate3623d ago


Wireless controller release date is set to coincide with HOME.

rbanke3623d ago

Confirmed means an official statement regarding something. Sony has not given us any date of the open beta(even on the private forums).

The only thing anyone knows is that its going to be soon.

xhairs93623d ago

1.0 is still closed beta for foreigners to join in and test the language packs. That's what this is about just more info regarding this. Has nothing to do with opening for the public, we'll have to sit and wait some more yipee.

mercyless93623d ago

delays are so f'in annoying

fiercescuba3623d ago

Home could be really awesome and drive the PS3 to new heights for an online gaming community. Or... it could flop. I'm hoping for the awesome outcome.

Algonath3623d ago

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! .....they took out the vPSP no!!!! ...well HOME better not be slow when we get it. It should be fast as the NXE atleast.

FantasyStar3623d ago

I just hope that Cross-game invites come w/ Home. That's all.

Mozilla893623d ago

I guess its okay though this article still doesn't reveal when 1.0 is coming out for everybody.

Dino3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

and I just erased what I wrote earlier because I just noticed people talking about an NDA. I dont remember seeing that anywhere but I'll play it safe.

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LiquifiedArt3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Tons of updates. Looking really GOOD SONY. REALLY GOOD. I cant wait to dabble in Home. And the new addition of "Rewards" and "Clubhouses" looks very promising. WOOT!

From pictures: They are basically inviting more people over the next several weeks and version 1.0 will be out nov 20th. (With LOTS of changes). In-game XMB is now active, the vPSP has been yanked for a new interface. All the Shopping centre stores now have a PSN Store Interface.

chaosatom3623d ago


I am looking forward to home. i really hope they nail the arcade machines and bowling and stuff because that's where I am going!

butterfinger3623d ago

The rumors have been circling around 19th/20th which would be perfectly in line with Microsoft's NXE. I can't wait! NXE and Home possibly in back to back days:)

Pennywise3623d ago

This is N4G, not NDA police. As a gamer, I want to hear anything available. Sony was not nice enough to invite me, so I could care less about NDA. I didnt agree to anything and I am willing to read any news available.

Are you guys screaming NDA cause you care, or because you want to block any good news?

hay3623d ago

Either way, if it gets approved It'll be removed quite fast.

hay3623d ago

Aaand I'm hyped again. Moderately but hyped.