Iron Harvest Preview - Company of Heroes Goes Mech [Wccftech]

Wccftech recently had a hands-on with Iron Harvest and was surprised and impressed with a game that can match the quality of Company of Heroes... with mechs!

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specialguest1580d ago

I've been looking forward to the release of this game since last year. September needs to come sooner

robtion1580d ago

Have you played Scythe. Great game. If not perhaps it will tide you over until September :)

TheHan1579d ago

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of this game for years! I’m still waiting on it’s official release day. Can’t wait to buy it!


“Iron Harvest 1920+” has just released its "world map campaign" update for PC

"The Munich-based (Germany) video games publisher Deep Silver and Bremen-based (Germany) indie games developer KING Art Games, today announced with great joy and excitement that they have just released the “world map campaign” update for their real-time strategy game “Iron Harvest 1920+” (the "world map campaign" update is available right now for PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


The Humble Choice lineup for January 2022 is here

Humble has revealed the January 2022 lineup of free games for Humble Choice subscribers. For a monthly fee, you’ll get up to five times the value in games on a monthly basis.

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Review: Operation Eagle is a thrilling expansion to Iron Harvest - Entertainium

Operation Eagle doesn’t particularly change the Iron Harvest formula, but it does add another very enjoyable campaign, complete air units for all factions.

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