3 Years In, The Nintendo Switch Still Needs Major Improvements

Lag, lag is everywhere. The Nintendo Switch, 3 years in, is still struggling to implement highly requested features that the system really needs.

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Larrysweet359d ago

(Needs major improvements) reads article and hears crybaby wants

HeisenbergX359d ago

I love my switch a lot but come on .. It does need imporvements lot‘s of them but most importanly it really needs some games because it’s been nothing ever since Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the 2020 lineup is pretty week.

Hopefully they will get off their asses finally with a direct soon and announce a couple of exclusives.

1040jakesmith358d ago

I hope Nintendo isn’t just banking hard on animal crossing. But to their credit they have been throwing them down on the past year

3-4-5358d ago

2020 Lineup is going to be announced at E3....or now during just the Nintendo Direct

Fist4achin358d ago

Should have had more games in the works. Still waiting to see more of what nintendo is known for. Not a ton of multiconsole games released 3 years ago.

Kabaneri359d ago

Mine has been collecting dust so far this year.

refocusedman359d ago

My switch has been collecting dust as well. It would be cool to get some fresh new new IPs. I'm tired of all the ports and remakes. (I'm not paying full price for overwatch or the witcher)

1040jakesmith358d ago

Still can’t believe no port of PUBG after it came to mobile.

phoenixwing358d ago

I bought rune factory 4 but thats kind of a niche game you have to be into to enjoy

Tross358d ago

I've been mostly using mine at work lately...which is technically what I bought it for, so I guess that's good? I am glad I own it, but I've been mostly playing my PS4 at home lately.

AK91358d ago

Same with me the only two games I ever really got into on Switch was Odyssey and Astral Chain.

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Xaevi359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Store upgrade, UI change(themes and custom backgrounds included), text chat/party chat, a way to back up saves to a flash stick, Bluetooth support so we can end having to buy an adapter, streaming apps. Also if you they can start including touch controls in more of their games that'd be swell. Oh and if you can hurry it up with those ZELDA ports I'd really appreciate it ahaha. Oh and fix your God awful controller.

Good-Smurf358d ago

It needs more than great and not so great ports to bring me back to Switch again.
And they should make a rugged tough model all these colorful edition are great but I have a feeling that I spent too much on babying it with all the accessories and not enough spent on spare joy con...that still drifts.

Max_Eckhardt358d ago

It’s not very ergonomic. And the charging port is in a terrible place.

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The story is too old to be commented.