Doom Eternal Collector's Edition Won't Ship With Everything

The standalone DOOM Eternal soundtrack won't ship with the game's Collector's Edition on launch day, although you'll still get one from 2016's DOOM.

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-Foxtrot201d ago

Oh for the love of god, can Bethesda please get a CE right...Jesus

Agent_00_Revan201d ago

Have those people gotten their bags yet? I don't remember hearing if they did or not.

thatguyhayat201d ago

Im not sure but i remember they had to call back the helmet cause of the material that was used, over time that material becomes toxic

StoneyYoshi201d ago

It took forever but I'm pretty sure i read that they finally did.

porkChop200d ago

They got the bags, and they were terrible.

ifrit_caress200d ago

They eventually got their bags after much backlash and arm twisting. About the helmet incident, that was not on Bethesda at all.

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Redrex7000201d ago

Lmao at this point
if the CE don't get u sick somehow its a plus

200d ago
LordJamar200d ago

Is this on Bethesda tho?

BongSmack196d ago

Bethesda developed (Id is bethesda now) and bethesda published it, sending out an incomplete collectors edition would be their call.....I assume

criticalkare201d ago

people havent learned not to get collectors edition from bethesda? after fallout 76?

Minute Man 721201d ago

I got the demon collector's edition from 2016, might get this.....

TeamIcoFan201d ago

What's the betting that some poor soul who gets this contracts the coronavirus from the helmet?
I mean the last helmet Bethesda did had mold, soooo........

LordJamar200d ago

That was not cause of Bethesda and it was very few helmets and all were repleaced

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The story is too old to be commented.