10 of the Best 3DS Games of All Time

If you're still holding tight onto your Nintendo 3DS, make sure you've got the best games.

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Rebel_Scum507d ago

Great article with great games. One page, neat site.

RosweeSon507d ago

Really enjoyed Mario Kart 7 and Kid icarus also spent way to long on smash bros prob why still yet to properly play luigis mansion 2 did about 5-10 hours, majoras mask 😅🥴 and evening a link between worlds
However Pokemon X/Y were great and the 3rd gen remakes, Mario 3d land was brilliant Pilotwings was a great launch game. Got rhythm paradise and professor layton yet to play bought one got the other for free somewhere. Got all the Vc stuff nes SNES megs drive game gear Game boy and colour I got 10 GBA games 3d classics Wario ware touched so many great games all under one console. Had mine since day still got stuff to play, or play again (VC) great article tho nice to see it all on one page rather than spread between adverts.

Fist4achin507d ago

Some great games there. Still waiting for the switch to become a real powerhouse with more of what Nintendo is known for. I feel that with 2 years in, it has been slow.