WorthPlaying: Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Nippon Ichi is best known for its work with the Disgaea and La Pucelle: Tactics series. This acclaimed JRPG developer got its start in 2000, with a quaint RPG for the PlayStation called Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. I recall playing this title and singing along to the undeniably cheesy songs from the title, even though the songs were intended for the opposite gender. Since the game was overshadowed by the PS2's release, not many people got a chance to experience the magic. Now, more people have the chance to be blessed by the girly nature of Rhapsody with a DS port.

As stated before, the game is intended for young females. The story revolves around a young girl named Cornet, who can talk to puppets and can make wishes come true with a magical horn. A key puppet friend of Cornet's is the fairy, Kururu, who acts as Cornet's mentor and guardian throughout the story. With a snappy attitude and quick to smack Cornet in the head with a paper fan, she grew on me in both iterations. Together, they go on a journey to rescue Prince Ferdinand, who was accidentally turned to stone by "the most beautiful witch in the world," Marjoly. Both Cornet and Marjoly fall in love with Ferdinand at first sight, and it's up to the player to help Cornet's dreams come true."

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