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GameRevolution: "Call of Duty: Warzone review is here to take you through the good, bad, and the ugly of the new Modern Warfare battle royale."

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blacktiger795d ago

actually u do, that's why you are here, otherwise read the title and ignore but you didn't do that did you?

sampsonon794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

Whenever a review has a "good,bad, and ugly" format to reviewing it's a bad thing.
It forces the reviewer to find something "nit picky" in order to adhere to that system of reviewing.

I loved the steak at this restaurant. But i need to find something wrong in order to fill out the "good, bad, and ugly" format of my review so, i didn't like the table i ate the steak on, it was wobbly "the bad".
The plates were blue "ugly".

Sometimes not everything has to have "bad, and ugly". Sometimes it can just be good if you don't go out of your way to nit pick the small stuff.

I haven't had one glitch, nor have i had to wait for a match.
And the amount of games that have "lifted" ideas from CoD would fill out a whole bunch of "bad" in a reviews.
I wonder if this reviewer held it against those games.