New Wii Terms of Service Vexes Hackers

Kombo writes, "It looks like Nintendo is going to be cracking down on homebrew development in a big way. This adjustment to the terms of service will allow Nintendo to not only remove full channels from the Wii memory, this could also put your saved games in jeopardy. No word yet on if this will result in your Twilight Princess saved game getting pooched.

In further terms of service updates, Nintendo changed the terms of services on their website to reflect the new found ability to modify/update the Wii's firmware without the user's permission or notification...."

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Jimmy the Greek3646d ago

consoles will never be an instrument of their owners

bgrundman3646d ago

It is sad to see that, considering that we pay for the device and all. But publishers need to protect their content from piracy too. :( It is a situation where nobody wins.

bgrundman3646d ago

So much for customizing devices that you own!

CrAppleton3646d ago

OUCH... I see why they want to do this.. but it's still pretty crappy

bgrundman3646d ago

it is kinda creepy to think that they now have the right to install and make changes to your box without your notice... Wonder if they will get flack for it?

Jimmy the Greek3646d ago

theyre protected by some clause in the eula but if theres a class action lawsuit, i want to be a part of it

ChickeyCantor3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Basically when you get a console you also automatically signed a contract in some way.

I think it does say somewhere that you can not modifie some stuff.

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killyourfm3646d ago

has been the best homebrew device to date, IMHO.

bgrundman3646d ago

agreed, there is no device better for testing your programming skills.

bgrundman3646d ago

Has anybody that hacked their Wii been affected by this?

kevnb3646d ago

most wiis are modded to pirate games, but what about people who aren't pirating?

ChickeyCantor3646d ago

It's just not piracy, you don't have the rights to modifie these things.

I really don't like the sound of this at all, but still if it can reduce piracy then why not?
Although Going to miss homebrew >_>...

But crackers and what not will rise above this anyway.=D

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The story is too old to be commented.