No, Reggie Won’t Save GameStop

The addition of Reggie Fils-Aimé is absolutely a great decision, but it may be too little, too late.

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Double_O_Revan590d ago

Agreed. I feel they've already passed the point of no return. Changes needed to be made a few years ago. Anything from this point is only delaying the inevitable.

UltraNova589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

What would save GS? Seriously, what needs to be done? (We don't have GS where I live, don't know much about them).

Fluttershy77589d ago

It's a sign that they will fire even more people... They need to pretend that they did everything to save the boat, even hire a high profile executive

rainslacker588d ago

They have enough working capital to not be past the point of no return. All they need to do is find what will work best for them to keep going forward. One reason they stay around is because investors know they're the only major gaming store around. They aren't bleeding money, but they aren't in a position to show gains over time, which makes getting new investors difficult.

Reggie won't save GS. As of now, it doesn't really need saving. It needs a business model that will keep them from getting to the point they need to be saved.

Gamer opinions on forums are inconsequential to their overall business. They face much more serious threats than some people feeling that they aren't getting enough for their trade ins, or those same people apparently not having the capacity to say no to an upsell.

CorndogBurglar588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

But, they are bleeding money though. They are closing stores worldwide. They literally just closed a ton of stores in America this month, or at least announced the closures. They are finding reasons to get rid of store leaders and district managers, then promoting people up into those positions for less pay than the people they fired. Its been said the only real profits they are pulling is on their tech trades right now and that they are just trying to survive long enough to make it to the new console launches, because they always pull in good money in those times with people buying games and accessories for their new systems. But if fears come true, and the new consoles get delayed because of the Coronavirus, it could be the finale nail in the coffin for GS.

This isn't conspiracy theory nonsense. Gamestop is seriously in trouble and it's all due to their shady practices (some even illegal), as well as the way they treat their employees and customers. The funny thing is all you ever hear about is their low trade-in values and high used prices. But that's honestly the LEAST of their issues.

I highly recommend you check out 2 things:

1. The r/Gamestop on Reddit. (Do this semi-regularly because the mod of that sub-reddit is a Gamestoo employee and almost all of negative content placed there by employees and customers gets deleted somewhat quickly. But its not unusual at all for there to be so much negative content that the mods can't keep up with it all day)

You will see people within the company confirming everything I just said.

2. Check out a YouTube channel called Gamestop Chronicles by a user named Camelot331. He was a GameSpot employee for 11 years and now he's reporting on all the craziness going on behind the scenes there.

I thought he sounded like a disgruntled employee until I started realizing he had proof of his claims, and its all also confirmed on Reddit from time to time by other employees.

Seriously, its not just a matter of finding a better business model. They need a new model, as well as people up top that knows how to handle money and employees, not fudge numbers to keep investors happy, and not come up with shady practices like not telling customers there is more than one level of their Power Up Rewards program so they can make a bigger sell. They do stuff like that all the time. Not giving their customers the full story so they can trick them into spending an extra $5. Or, worse of all, signing people up for Power Up Rewards even after the customer said they don't want it.

Fils-Aime is a step in the right direction. But it COULD be too little too late.

jambola589d ago

Don't bother reading
just more nonsense from
nothing relevant

Jeronemo589d ago

I wish we could vote on articles like we can vote on comments, that way I would know for sure whether or not it's a bad read.

I'll take your word for it now, saves me a click :).

monkey602589d ago

The problem there is the amount of people who already react without ever having read the article

Jeronemo589d ago

I wanted to reply to you monkey602, but I don't see a reply option?

Anyway, you got a fair point. Perhaps it can be used as a form of precaution? I.e. don't remove or hide the post, just let it be there as a reminder that X people didn't like the article.

I'm glad n4g created a poll on opinion pieces, perhaps the answer is somewhere within that poll.

Lon3wolf589d ago

I wanted to reply to you monkey602, but I don't see a reply option?

You won't after the 2nd response usually, like I cannot respond to your response to Monkey

PertySlick589d ago

This wouldn't really work here just due to the sheer number of fanboys from all sides. It would end up being a worthless number that you would soon have to ignore. Much like the votes on comments.

Jeronemo587d ago

Thanks for the information, I'm a new member :).

Too bad there's not really a solution to those clickbait titles then... Would've been nice to know if an article actually has substance or not.

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Minute Man 721589d ago

Videogames is a $43 billion a year industry in America. They are pretty much the only game specialty store. Why are they failing again? Ridiculous policies

_Decadent_Descent589d ago

Not sure where you hail from but we have other video game stores to where we don't ever have to bother with GankStop.

Minute Man 721588d ago

@ Decadent

South Florida, only GameStop around here 😒

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Segata588d ago

There are a lot of local places that specialize in games.

TheRealTedCruz589d ago

It's not like he's the CEO now. He's a strong, friendly face to associate with the company, but he's just in the board of directors.

Either way, this is just a company in its death throws. All they can do is bide time.

JackBNimble589d ago

Well they must think there is something to save or why would they bother?
Maybe there are plans to send the company in a different direction , all I know is you don't bring in 3 executives if you're going out of business.

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