Xbox head Phil Spencer already testing Project xCloud on PC

A few days ago, Microsoft confirmed that Project xCloud was coming to Windows 10. Well, it looks like Xbox head Phil Spencer is testing out the app at the moment.

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TheHateTheyGive401d ago

Phil this, phil that, Ask uncle phil to let people play free to play games without having to pay for live gold. Phil sure loves his name being mentioned. I rarely ever see the sony or nintendo head always putting themselves over as much as phil does. nintendo and sony show games while xbox shows phil.

Spurg401d ago

Phil is a great leader. He is willing to show himself playing games and interacting with dev teams. This is a level of transparency Sony and Nintendo don't have.
When it comes to games. Ms has started announcing their next-gen games already:
Halo Infinite
Hellblade 2
Project Mara

waverider401d ago

Dude, be happy with Phil. But why attack Sony and Nintendo... Both of them are on a level the Phil can just dream about. By the way ask phil to let gamers play free to play games without paying. Something really crazy... Is level of transparency...

TheHateTheyGive401d ago

But those games are on pc and reg xbox.

PertySlick401d ago

If your console of choice has nothing but the advertisement of forcing you to play "exclusives" on one rigid medium as the reason to buy it, it may be time to reconsider. Having the option to play games in multiple places and mediums with saves, settings, and profiles being always available is not a negative. Not everybody is looking for the opportunity to be locked into gaming the way they did 10 years ago. I myself shop consoles for the environment, services, functionality, and power they provide.

sprinterboy401d ago

You'd make a awesome comedian

jznrpg400d ago

Transparency ? Lol. How many Xbox’s have they sold this gen? Oh yeah we only
know how many bullets were shot in a couple of games

rainslacker399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Wish I could test all those games he said they'd have for X1 about 5 years ago when I brought my Xbox because he said we'd have all these games to play for X1 this generation because he was getting them made.

But sure.....great leader, but doesn't mean he didn't misrepresent what he was bringing for the consumer this gen.

Also, they haven't announced any next gen games yet, unless HellBlade 2 is not on X1. He's announced cross gen games, that will also be on XSX. There is an actual difference. That cross gen COD game at the start of this gen wasn't considered next gen. Breath of the Wild shouldn't have been considered a next gen game on Switch, even though it was.

I hold MS and Phil accountable for their actions, not their promises.

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chiefJohn117401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Lol why you hate Phil so much? This is why ppl love him, he stay in touch with the community

Vasto401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

First he says they dont announce games when the did at XO19 and The Game Awards and Ninja Theory recently announced another but when proven wrong he then says " But those games are on PC and regular Xbox "

They will always find something to say.

ElementX401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

So two days ago you praise Xbox game pass "BUT game pass on xbox one is outstanding and i game most the time now a days on my xbox one".

Yet here your are complaining about F2P games, why would you play them when you have 100s of other games? What does that even have to do with the article? You then go on to say you have a PS4, so play your F2P games there if you like them so much

TheHateTheyGive401d ago

Why should i have to play on my ps4 if i prefer playing on xbox? Im critical of both companies. I think its crummy that you have to pay to play free to play games on my prefered console.

stevej336401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Lol @ Nintendo shows games.

Hungryalpaca401d ago

Is your brain functioning ok?

Kiwi66401d ago

If you get so triggered by an article about him then just skip past it instead of complaining about him

ThinkThink400d ago

@Kiwi, That's not an option on n4g

King_Noctis400d ago

You know, you can always not click on the article if you hate Uncle Phil that much. For whatever reason, Uncle Phil must had done something bad to you when you was young.

LordJamar400d ago

Where have you been the last decade your just now complaining about F2P games on Xbox all of a sudden? I agree it should be removed but let’s stop acting like you don’t have a agenda with that comment.

rainslacker399d ago

We had to keep putting it off while we dealt with the cross play issue that was much more important. The topic has actually been broached quite a few times since Sony said that F2P games didn't require PS+ to play on PS4. It's just it's never gotten much attention.

Not that it has anything to do with the topic at hand. But no one really asks MS to respond to anything when people want to know their stance on something, so Phil is able to just say random things whenever he wants.

DarXyde400d ago

Phil Spencer is no Uncle Phil.

Uncle Phil is a national treasure.

NeoGamer232400d ago

So you have a problem with an executive engaged with the gaming community directly?

The problem to me, is when executives are not engaged with the gaming community.

What do you prefer? The CEO that you never see or the CEO you see often that is engaged with their company?

ThinkThink400d ago

Exactly! I enjoyed reading @yosp's tweets when he was more engaged with the community. Not saying that he needs to answer every tweet but what many don't understand is, that Phill is just answering peoples questions 90% of the time on twitter. It's the media who will pull that tweet out and turn it into a 5 part mini-series for the purpose of clicks. Can you imagine if someone asked you a question and that happened each time you answered one? But the alternative is to not say anything at all, which isn't very much fun. Double edged sword.

rainslacker399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I enjoy the CEO's that get the job done, and deliver a product I want, in a way I want, at a fair and reasonable price.

I couldn't care less if I ever see them. I don't even know who the CEO's are for 99% of the products I buy.

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timotim401d ago

My Surface Go is willing and able. Just waiting on the green light now. xCloud will play an important role in many of my future gaming sessions.

Auron401d ago

Xcloud is awesome! I played halo mcc online co-op at red lobster. Cant wait for it to officially roll out so people can check it out!

AK91400d ago

Whatever you do don't make the same mistake as Stadia with the pricing that's all I really ask for at this point.

ThinkThink400d ago

I think they are going to pull free to play out of the pay wall garden for xbox live gold and replace it with Xcloud as part of Xbox Live Gold. That or include it with Gamepass.

masterfox400d ago

well at least is doing something. :D

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