Video games kill driving skills, police say

Video games allowing teenagers to show off in street races and crash for fun are contributing to a lack of responsibility when they drive real cars, police and experts say.

The games made teens think they were invincible and too often it was being left to police to save P-platers from themselves, New South Wales acting Superintendent Dave Evans said yesterday.

The warnings come as experts and victims' families backed raising the driver age limit to at least 18 after revelations 104 P-platers are losing their licences each day.

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Eiffel3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

"Sir have you been gaming tonight?"

I had no idea people still played racing titles.


gaming actually helps me use my peripherals and avoid stupid drivers driving into you.

ASSASSYN 36o3625d ago

Funny I have read articles stating the opposite.

Amnesiac3625d ago

I would say that being an idiot is what makes you drive like an idiot.

I got my driver's license in the height of my GTA3 playing...Still, I've never even had a speeding ticket, haven't even really came close to an accident in 7 years of driving. *knocks on wood*

Anyways, this is like trying to say that pot is the gateway drug.

I'll repeat myself, the only thing that makes you an idiot, is being an idiot.

RH063625d ago

games are games and life is life. You can't go out and kill everyone in the world in real life without getting shot yourself, but in games it is very different, that why games have become more popular these past years because they have incorporated the online ability to play with others without the Real World affects of getting caught. When people play the game, then walk out the door and start shooting or driving crazy they have done that with no thought of the "I'm gonna get in trouble for this" situation!