The 10 best games machines of all time

Everyone's got their favourite console, and usually that choice goes arm-in-arm with the games they grew up with.

Some machines were better than others, but what's really important is what gave rise to today's enormous gaming landscape.

Raise a glass, then, to 10 landmark home gaming machines. Some were smash hits, others were dismal failures - but they've all earned a proud place in history.

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zoydwheeler3623d ago

Where's the frikkin Vectrex?

Or the BBC B (*cough* Elite *cough*)?

Or the Atari Lynx?

gusto3623d ago

The BBC was for posh kids whose parents bought it 'cos they thought it was educational. Elite, Chucky Egg and Repton were merely there to fool you into being happy to be bought one.

zoydwheeler3623d ago

NO I DID NOT GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOL! My nan, mum and step-dad and my dad all pitched in to buy me it for my birthday and Xmas all at once (and yes, I convinced them it was educational). It was £399 or something at the time - a phenomenal amount of money.

3623d ago
zoydwheeler3623d ago

to deliver papers in the real world

Calcio3623d ago

The most capable game of all time of causing inter-family arguments. YOU BOUNCED ON ME DELIBERATELY!!!!111

InMyOpinion3622d ago

I used to own an Atari Lynx. It was pretty powerful but had no good games.

falviousuk3622d ago

The BBC was the first machine to bring us Elite and that alone should have earned it the right to be in a top ten.

Its also still considered to the the best version of Elite.

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mchax3623d ago

What about the Atari Jaguar - the first 64-bit gaming machine? Well, if you count two 32-bit pieces stuck together with sticky back plastic. Brilliant!

Sitdown3622d ago

you must have forgot the touch-tone phone controller.

Calcio3623d ago

PS2 should have made it, but you can kinda understand the plumping for ps1 - started an era of Sony gaming etc etc.
Amiga ftw!

PotNoodle3623d ago

<3 the dreamcast, i wish sega were still into console production :(

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The story is too old to be commented.