Calls for internet game Billy Suicide to be removed

Via CasualGaming: "Online casual gaming is once again in the spotlight this week with UK newspapers expressing outrage at online title Billy Suicide which, as the name suggests, sees players attempt to prevent the game's protagonist ending his life.

The storm follows hot on the heels of recent controversial titles such as Kaboom: The Suicide Bombing Game and Little Hooliganz.

Billy Suicide is a dark Flash game where users must aid their character through his daily routine. If they fail in keeping Billy's mental health at an acceptable level, he takes his own life, resulting in game over."

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Pebz3714d ago

Hey, I know something else that "can act as a catalyst to influence the behaviour of people who are already vulnerable, particularly young people, and result in an overall increase in suicide"; censorship of freedom of expression. Oh, and the news.

As distasteful as the game might be (not played it), a newspaper that has 18600 articles (search) somehow related to the word "suicide" calling for censorship of catalysts, is like someone trying to shoot themselves, and every other media that one might imagine depends on the freedom of expression, in the foot.

Personally, I think their time would be better spent on some real journalism, like looking into why so many people are prone to suicide, the source of the problem, the things that matters etc. Well, maybe they have, but I can't be bothered looking through 18600 articles.

spiderobert3714d ago

so preventing someone from commiting suicide is a bad thing? hmm ok
Thank-you PAPYRUS for opening my eyes, i shall now allow my friends to go jump off a cliff....................

since when is helping someone a bad thing? seriously, mabey this game could help people to understand how to help people, how is that bad?