Call of Duty: Warzone PlayStation Plus Isn't Required (But Xbox Live Gold Is)

With Call of Duty: Warzone being free to play, PlayStation Plus ownership will not be required in order to play the new free to play game. Call of Duty: Warzone will be available starting March 10 for players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. PlayStation Plus membership is not required on PlayStation 4. However, …

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Jin_Sakai1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

This needs to change! It’s a ridiculous requirement that shouldn’t be there. So much for consumer friendly.

darthv721291d ago

I agree that F2P games should really be free to play on xbl. It took MS a while to let apps like youtube and netflix to work outside the walled garden but i guess they still keep a tight hold on games no matter if F2P or not.

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SyntheticForm1291d ago

Yep. Completely stupid.

Xbox needs to get rid of this policy going into next gen.

It's the right thing to do and it would help their image.

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neutralgamer19921291d ago

Ms has had this for so long yet their fans always say consumer friendly. They literally stop you from playing a FREE 2 PLAY GAME

But this site is pro PlayStation and hates on Xbox is the mindset so no amount of facts are ever just that instead it's called hating

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IRetrouk1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

That☝️ is no excuse, free to play should be free to play, no ifs, ands or buts.

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RosweeSon1291d ago

Exactly. The only thing they’ve done for the consumer is figure out how to charge them for stuff that was originally free, playing online free on every system ever until Microsoft came along no we can charge £40 a year for that. 😑😑

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RosweeSon1290d ago

I never play MMO’s
Games that require subscriptions generally suck and MMO’s just aren’t my thing the majority of games were free to play online it was an extension of multiplayer for free. I’ve never said Sony are perfect for one second who is? They sure ain’t and I’m not but they absolutely smashed it this gen I not talking sales and numbers talking great console great price and more importantly an abundance of great games but no Sony aren’t perfect Vita was pretty epic yet Sony didn’t feel the need to support it with many first part games all the big hitters that PSP got exclusive spin offs for skipped vita and instead just got ps2 ports. The lack of 1st party games killed it, and Microsoft did exactly the same this generation didn’t support it themselves Costs too much but they also didn’t go all out trying to secure 3rd party exclusives and spending money to get deals they just hoped after last gen the devs would just continue to support them, doesn’t work like that. Now the money’s dried up so have all the timed exclusives and it’s bitten them on the arse big time.
Servers cost money Sure but when a yearly churned game earns a billion on day1 I think they can cover it.

rainslacker1291d ago

Realistically, pay to play online shouldn't exist for any game. Xbox fan boys will worry about this kind of stuff though when they're done fighting the good fight for all those PS4 owners who apparently don't know any better about what is good for them, then....maybe...at some point possibly....they might make mention of it briefly.....followed up with their reasons why it's not a big deal.

NeoGamer2321290d ago

Yup and Sony doesn't want to allow cross-play...

Both companies have different approaches on certain topics that are not consumer friendly or providing gamers with choices.

To me, they all have their business and pricing models. Gamers get to choose which one(s) they want.

RosweeSon1290d ago

If you think Xbox would have agreed to cross play during 360 days when they were the dominant force your deluded. Xbox only agreeing to it now because they need the players on their services not the other way round.

NeoGamer2321289d ago

I know 360 did not agree to cross play in the 360 days. And that was wrong as far as I was always concerned.

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XiNatsuDragnel1291d ago

Ms the only nonconsumer friendly policy that needs to go is this one.

rainslacker1291d ago

You'd think at this point they'd just drop the requirement. I can't imagine it'd be a huge hit to their bottom line. They may even make money, since people that aren't going to pay for Gold anyways may still pay for MT for those games.

Godmars2901290d ago

This is the company that failed to see how keeping Netflix behind a paywall was hurting them.

Then it went on the PS3, other "free" devices, and "Netflix and Chill" became a thing.

preciousdeath1290d ago

I said the same thing at the time Sony was destroyed for the cross-play thing. And Sony changed their stance, yet Microsoft continue this garbage. Requiring XLG for F2P is a much bigger deal than cross-play. Why aren't Polygon, IGN and Kotaku reporting on THIS every 5 minutes like they did cross-play-gate? It's much more anti-consumer than not having cross-play. Crickets from the gaming media.

Godmars2901289d ago

Requiring XBL for F2P has always been a thing. Yet the sites you mentioned only ignored where they endlessly cried bloody murder over cross play

ssj271291d ago

Is this only 1st person view or ot also has 3rd person view option?

The_Sage1291d ago

It's Call of Duty. I don't think there has ever been 3rd person view.

ssj271291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Actually it has been modern warfare 2 had 3rd person opinion view. And because of the game style this been a ideal type for also having that option i was hoping this also had a 3rd person view but o well less interested now. But i will keep my eye on it.

Majin-vegeta1291d ago

Mw2 had a 3rd person Team tactical mode.Best thinf they ever did.Really need to bring it back

Kribwalker1291d ago

call of duty 3 did, actually all of the old ones did i believe

The_Sage1291d ago

I had no idea. The original Modern Warfare was my first Call of Duty.

jjb19811290d ago

3rd-person view would just encourage camping even more. Just corner-creepin' all day.

King_Noctis1291d ago

Free to play game should be just as that, free to play. Get rid of this stupid requirement, MS.

Kribwalker1291d ago

Agreed. While me personally i don’t get affected as i have a long term gamepass ultimate sub, they really should be getting rid of this for those that don’t. they still get a cut from any Mts that get sold, they don’t need to charge a sub for it.

It was the same stupid shit last gen when they also locked Netflix behind xbox live gold.

MasterCornholio1291d ago

Can't disagree there. It's why I play my multiplayer games on PC.

xX-oldboy-Xx1290d ago

ms is anti-consumer - absolutely pathetic that one of the largest companies in the world exploits its customers this way.

This should have been shouting from the rooftops to a deafening level.

TheHateTheyGive1291d ago

Xbox living off the hard work of 3rd party developers yet again, they need to charge to play free to play games like fortnite, apex and now call of duty becuse if they did not charge live would be worthless. This game should be completely free to play, nintendo dont even charge to play free to play games.