Call of Duty: Warzone Announced with Trailer

Welcome to Warzone – a massive new combat experience where up to 150 players take the role of a veteran Tier 1 Operator and drop in to the dense and sprawling world of Verdansk. Warzone is a game-changer packed with non-stop and endless action that’s free-to-play and free-for-everyone!

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RaidenBlack800d ago

So this'll be the base free game and every next Call of Duty's items, characters and themes gonna get added in yearly basis, then ...

REDGUM800d ago

Better than zombies every year..

NeoGamer232800d ago

Yup, because now everyone has switched to Battle Royales.

ilikestuff800d ago

Free, I’ll try this bad boy out. I’m not a big fan of the battle royales but zero money is zero risk and the trailer was badass

799d ago
VoiceMale800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

Activision has got to be the most improved publisher over the pass year...

and capcom the being the best restructured

sander9702800d ago

I think they changed CEO a year or two back, that might be why.

Prince-Ali800d ago

no... no they haven't it's still that devil Bobby Kotick

800d ago
Prince-Ali800d ago

You clearly haven't been paying attention if you think that.. Activision is STILL scum!

Newmanator800d ago

Why? Free map packs, free guns, free blackout, no pay to win, back to boots on the ground modern warfare, better graphics, better gameplay features. How is that scummy?

MajorLazer800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

Activison is scum, however MW really is a good game. I bought it at launch and have been enjoying since, and the support has been nice.

Only extra purchase I made was the battle pass and that was only £8.50, plus I managed to get enough points through the pass that I didn't need to pay again the following season.

Forn799d ago

Agreed. Spawning is still broken most of the time.

Prince-Ali799d ago

you guys in this thread are hilarious... Just Google how much money Activision make on Microtransactions and WHY they've made the decision for 'free' map packs and stuff... You guys dont know what you're talking about... Go and actually look at what this company thinks and the decisions they've made with their other games they've published!! ¬___¬... ACTIVISION ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE SCUM!!!

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gamer9800d ago

@Newmanator – Free map packs lol. The game started with 6 small maps, and now what 10? Nearly half remakes. We used to get 16 At Launch. They are not giving out free map packs they are just cutting content at launch

REDGUM800d ago

Better to have less at the beginning and have regular DLC releases than everything at once, like you say 16 maps, and people get bored quicker as most maps have been played already or only 6 or so maps are regularly played anyway.

I like thier approach this time, it's been free, regular & way morefun than previous rekeases.

Haters are gonna hate, if you don't like it please move along.

Newmanator800d ago

So development costs have risen and the game is still $60, your point?

Vegamyster800d ago

It launched with 10 small-normal maps, 7 Gun Fight Maps and 2 ground war maps (3 if you count palace).

Rhythmattic799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

"Activision has got to be the most improved publisher over the pass year..."

A publisher like activision and the lows they've gone to, it really couldn't be hard to make an improvement.

VoiceMale799d ago

yea well that's true but still doesnt change the fact that they made great strives towards a different more user friendly approach with modern warfare

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PS4Gamer1984800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

Meh, leave this for the 12 year olds, gunfight is where it's at for me.

generic-user-name800d ago

Why can't you just say you prefer gunfight without calling others 12 year old? That's 12 year old mentality.

Prince-Ali800d ago

i mean bro.. look at his user name that should say enough lool

Newmanator800d ago

“LEAVE THIS FOR THE 12 YEAR OLDS” *storms into bedroom and slams door like a 12 year old*

MajorLazer800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

PS4Gamer2007 **

Hungryalpaca799d ago

So shouldn’t you be in this then? If it’s for the 12 year olds?

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Fraggle1987800d ago

Looks great. Does this require PS Plus to play?

spicelicka800d ago

I don't think so. As far as I know by default any free to play game on PS4 is playable without PS Plus.

SillyBastid800d ago

yes, its online play so you need PS Plus

aquamala800d ago

Free to play online games on PlayStation don’t require ps+, it’s not like Xbox.

MrChow666800d ago

Wrong, it's FREE to play, just like Apex Legends for example

MajorLazer800d ago

Would be moronic to make it free but still require PS+. This is their answer to Fortnite & Apex. Can't wait 😁

porkChop800d ago

Normally I would say no. But the actual PS+ ads for this game clearly state PS+ is required. It's odd. This is the first F2P game I can think of that requires PS+ to play.

BioShockGX800d ago

From what i understood PS+ is not required but you'll get extra items if you have it.

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