Madden 07 Superbowl XLI Prediction

360Monster has a Superbowl XLI prediction based on Madden 07. Check out the link to see if it's Da Bears or The Colts.

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Sphinx4911d ago

However, I'd have to agree with the website people, and not Madden. Madden says 35-21 Colts, but the poster guy predicts 27-10 Bears. I truly believe the Bears will win by 14 or more. I'll have to try that on my Madden.

MattyTM4911d ago

Well being a Titan I want the Colts t lose... SO GO BEARS :D

FFVIIFan4911d ago

With Grossman as Q? Then again, Peyton doesn't have the best post-season record.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4911d ago

on its deathbed, 2K Football is back! : ]

PS360PCROCKS4910d ago

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the Colts, i'm a Broncos fan! :)

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