Fallout 76 Team "Went Beyond What They Were Budgeted" To Deliver Wastelanders

During Bethesda Game Days at PAX East 2020, the team outlined what Wastelanders is going to look like.

Jimboms1568d ago

Good! That means it should be exactly what we want it to be.

gums0071568d ago

Yup, right inside a dumpster fire

MasterChief36241568d ago

A dumpster fire inside a dumpster fire... dumpster fire-ception.

1568d ago
Kribwalker1568d ago

And they went way under what everyone expected for the full game.

MasterCornholio1568d ago

Somehow they made a small piece of crap into an even larger one.

Michiel19891568d ago

the marketing team probably, they have to create fake images of duffle bags after all