Call of Duty Warzone PS+ Ads Have Popped Up Online Ahead of Official Reveal

Official ads for Call of Duty Warzone have popped up online ahead of the official reveal! Activision seems to be marketing it with PS Plus.

Jin_Sakai1295d ago

I assume it’s coming this week.

Nitrowolf21295d ago

the rumors put it for Tuesday with the reveal happening later today. Seems likely now that the ad is leaked

1295d ago
BigBosss1295d ago

Most likely be out this week with a reveal later today. But this is the worst secret kept by them.

excaliburps1295d ago

Yep. I gather, Acti was going to try and do the Apex route of surprising people etc. Heh. Clearly backfired.

Playdirty921295d ago

You mean infinity ward not acti lol

Smok911295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

It would’ve worked if it dropped with season 2 like it was supposed to

porkChop1294d ago

Apex wasn't even a surprise. The Quartering leaked it a few days before it was officially announced.

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sander97021295d ago

Imagine all of these obvious hints and leaks and then it turns out to be something completely different.

1294d ago
l33t_haxx0r1295d ago

The thing about cod is, when its first out I play it for months on end every night, maybe play some of the first part if tge season pass, then stuff starts getting stale, abit boring, then eventually I stop and by time this stuff is released im not really interested anymore. Its a shame really

EazyC1295d ago

Even if you just play mp for a few hours you still get your money's worth though

1295d ago
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Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 servers are back online

The original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 games have been drawing players back in

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neutralgamer199271d ago

I really hope we get other activision games on GP soon. My dream would be Scarface but I know the license probably expired

P_Bomb71d ago

Love me some Scarface! I even bought the comics. Yeah, licensing would probably be an impasse.

4Sh0w70d ago

hmmm, coincidence? Either way this is a good sign for gamers after the ABK deal.

porkChop71d ago

I played through Scarface again last year and it still holds up. Such a fun game. I would love for Xbox to get the rights back to remaster Scarface and make a sequel. It sold well and they had plans for Scarface 2, 3, and 4. With how long it takes Rockstar to make games the market is wide open.

TheColbertinator70d ago

That game was so much fun. Expected a cheap GTA clone but it was a good drug empire building game.

shinoff218370d ago

They didn't just have plans but there's actual gameplay out there for scarface 2

neutralgamer199270d ago

Seriously man we need games like

True crime
Sleeping dogs
Watch dogs( more like original not legion)
And proper saints row

GTA can’t be the only option we need other games

P_Bomb70d ago

Gun was Activision as well. Nice open world Wild West there imo.

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SlothLordPootus70d ago

None of those games had dedicated servers on console in the first place? Were always player hosted. Did something change?