5 Reasons Not To Wait Until February 17 to Play Street Fighter 4

Gootecks writes:
"With the console release date of Street Fighter 4 finally being announced, I'm sure there are a lot of players out there that have been waiting for it to come out on console to really start learning the game. Yeah I know there are plenty of who would be playing everyday if they didn't live six hours away from the nearest machine, so this article is not for you guys. This is for the players who do live relatively close to a SF4 machine, but are not taking advantage of this huge opportunity to get a jump on the competition."

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lastboss3648d ago

Anyway, this SF IV is going to be a regression ! Gameplay is an old one, Parry from SF III third strike have disappeared : SO GAMEPLAY WILL SUCKS !
The best game ever in fighting 2D is KOF 98 UM !
More wainting for KOF 2002 UM (66 characters) than this SFIV shiit !

Even KOF XII will be better (but a regression too : KOF 94 next gen)

hay3648d ago

I love SNK fighting games, played them since Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury era(you know, the ones from which KoF had taken some fighters), you can dislike SF but what you're showing here is total disrespect to the one of the greatest fighting series is a bit primitive which shows you're more like a midboss...

Tacki3648d ago

While I count comment on the KOF games since I've yet to play one (though I am very interested in KOFXII)... I really don't think SFIV is so much a 'regression'. Not from what I've heard at least. Yes, it does go back to a style much closer to SFII, however, many SFIV players have commented on the fact that it's a much deeper game than it first appears. No, there's no real 'parrying' in the game... but the focus attacks can be used in so many different ways.

I think something that makes it a little harder on fighting games is that they can't be TOO complex if the developer wants their title to be commercially viable. I think perhaps in some ways they have to compromise so that they don't alienate casual players. As much as we'd like to believe that the hardcore players are all that matter... the casuals do make up the bulk of most fanbases and if they want financial success I think these developers have to find a balance. You unfortunately can't make everyone happy.

With that said, even though I'm hoping that maybe they do some sort of 3rd Strike HD Remix in the future... I'm really going crazy in anticipation for Street Fighter IV and I think this will end up being a very successful game for Capcom. I think they're going to bring some of those old players and fans back and really expand their audience. I think online play will have alot to do with this. Fighting games thrive on the presence of competition and finally consoles have secured quite a large online userbase with Xbox Live and PSN. I believe we'll start to see fighting games like this really take off and gain more popularity than they've had in more recent years. At least I hope so.

lastboss3648d ago

lol ! Real players only play KOF ! SF were great at 16 bits time (snes). and i like the third strike but it is far away from the KOF gameplay.

riksweeney3648d ago

OK, you're starting to become fussy, time to put you down for a nap.

RAF-TECH3648d ago

The fighting engine is different.
but always remember that Third Strike is the best fighter of all time....
KOF 2078
SF 9

cannot beat THIRDSTRIKE.

sprinterboy3648d ago

I have not played a Streetfighter game since Uni (16yrs ago), we had a winner stays on rule back then. I was there for like 2hrs sometimes lol, looking forward to the release though.