Bethesda's Pete Hines Talks Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, and More

Bethesda talks about the Fallout 76 reception, DOOM Eternal delay and lots more in this hour-long video.

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Profchaos684d ago

I don't have an hour to waste anything actually interesting in this video?

thatguyhayat684d ago

Yep i watched it. Hes a pathological liar. He knows about the mishaps and the paywall crap. What triggered me most is when he said that lower gamers who aren't well known and had problems with the game he couldn't careless unless it was well known people who had issues with the games. Theres a video summed up somewhere.

staticall684d ago

«Even if I'll convince you that I didn't lie, you're still going to be angry that we changed our minds.»
You and Bethesda haven't «changed our minds». You were trying to mislead as much people as possible, to guarantee higher sales, which you and Bethesda directly benefit from.

And you did lie, because you've said an intentionally false statement. That's a definition of «lie».

All those answers were just disgusting. Comparing Fallout 76 to Horizon: Zero Dawn, defending and deflecting. What a PR nightmare.

P. S.: Here's his tweet - /dcdeacon/status/1032589221398 282241?lang=en (just add "" at the beginning). There was no «but we can change our mind later», it was a solid «No»

AK91684d ago

Pete Hines and Greg Miller are a match made in hell.