No fix coming for Mario Kart on Wii Virtual Console

The release of Mario Kart 64 on the Wii Virtual Console has been greeted with great pleasure by gamers the world over, but a problem with the memory pack emulation left it impossible to save time trial ghost data.

Ghost data enables time trialists to save their best lap times as a racing ghost, giving you something to race against next time you load up the game - thus making it easier to better your previous best time. Unfortunately the Wii Virtual Console version does not support this feature, with the game insisting that no memory pack is inserted.

Pro-G contacted Nintendo to see if there are plans to address the problem and it appears we're stuck with what we've got.

"Due to unavoidable technical reasons unfortunately it is not possible to save ghost data from Mario Kart 64's Time Trials in the Virtual Console version of the game," reads the statement issued to Pro-G.

For its part, Nintendo does say that it has "placed messages advising users about this before they download the game both when the Wii Shop Channel is first accessed and in the More Details tab on the individual game page."

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Syko4907d ago

This is one of the 5 or so games that emulate flawlessy on my Modded Xbox, The rest are playable to a point but full of bugs. So I don't get how I can boot up my xbox and play this game perfectly and Nintendo can't get it right?! Nintendo seems to really be screwing this VC up.

eepiccolo4906d ago

I don't know how many of you are aware of, or remember this, but Mario Kart 64 saved ghost data to a N64 memory card. The card was a cartridge that plugged into the N64 controller, the same place the rumble pack went.

Nintendo discovered, however, that since the N64 used carts for the games, as opposed to CDs, nobody needed memory cards since the games could save the data on the cart. However, there were isolated usages of the N64 memory card, and Mario Kart 64 ghost data is one of those instances, probably because ghost data would have been too much to store on the cart.

If Nintendo wanted to emulate this feature in the Mario Kart 64 VC release, they would need to emulate the N64 memory card. Now, I don't see why they can't do that, by just increasing the amount of space the game takes up on the Wii Flash memory, and using that additional memory to emulate an N64 memory card and store the ghost data.

I think Nintendo has really screwed up Public Relations with the Virtual Console. They need to have people out there explaining why they're not bothering to release more games in the US when there are so many in Japan, and also handling situations like this. I think these issues actually are explainable, but it makes Nintendo look bad when they seem to just be ignoring them.