Nvidia: Graphics Don't Matter? 'Nonsense'

In a recent Next-Gen interview, Nvidia's Roy Taylor argues that graphics are key to eliciting emotion from gamers in the same manner as movies. And to those who say "graphics don't matter," this GPU guy says "nonsense."

They're talking nonsense. It's ridiculous to say that graphics don't matter," says Taylor, who is VP of content at 3D graphics firm Nvidia. "That's like saying, 'The quality of my TV screen doesn't matter.' Oh really? So then in that case, you can go watch 24 in black-and-white on a seven-inch screen," he laughs.

But Taylor does concede that gameplay oftentimes takes a back seat to visuals. "It is a fair criticism to say that sometimes graphics have been applied, not at the expense of gameplay, but without equal consideration to it," he says.

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THWIP4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

...too bad Nvidia was way behind in development of their next-gen chipset a few years ago, or they would still be in a MS console, and the 360 would have full BC with the XBOX.

Then again, Sony got stuck with Nvidia, who still didn't have a true next-gen offering, and is therefore about a year behind, from a technical standpoint.

DJ4907d ago

You're just sad that nVidia ditched Microsoft after doing a spectacular job on the original Xbox. You want them back, I know you do... =P

kornbeaner4907d ago

as far as the GPU goes inside the PS3, I feel a little screwed. But the rest of the machine scream next-gen. Blu-Ray forget about the movie playback aspect, this will help developers put more content into the acutal game. NBA 2K7 in a perfect example( not a lot of new content but the little touches that are there bring the game a little more to life). then there's the Cell CPU, A chip so ahead of it's time that intel is not even thinking about doing a CPU like this until 2015. So while the GPU is a little of a let down, everything else that the PS3 comes with, out the box is will worth it.

Azza4907d ago

however without a engaging storyline and immersive gameplay they are nothing as far as I'm concerned.

I find it abit sad that all some people now days are concerned with is "next gen graphics"

I mean just think of all the games that people love from gaming history (FFVII for me) they are no where near the graphical quality of today, however they hold a unique appeal to their fans due to the caliber of there storyline gameplay etc and how much FUN people had with them.

I for one think graphics alone do not make a game and I can think of a few "Classics" I would rather play than some of the "Next gen" offerings..

JasonPC360PS3Wii4907d ago

because we play games using our eyes and people IMO prefer pretty things from new super machines.

Azza4907d ago

seriously saying that the most important thing for you in games is graphics?

Of course if you do feel this way its fine, each and every person that plays games does it for their own reasons. But..

Maybe im missunderstanding you but from your comment it seems this way, would you really buy a game just because it looked pretty? Even if a game has a shoddy story line and crappy game play you would still rate it highly just because it looks good?

Of course I want the games I play to look fabulous but surely it is all for nothing if there is no storyline etc to engage you?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4906d ago

When did I mention any of this?

“Maybe I’m misunderstanding you but from your comment it seems this way, would you really buy a game just because it looked pretty? Even if a game has a shoddy story line and crappy game play you would still rate it highly just because it looks good?”

Just a question, How long have you been gaming?
Because as long as gaming has been around there has all been more popularity with graphics more than gameplay (remember the fight between Sega and Nintendo), gameplay is a given if it don’t work no one buys it, graphics wow people and draw them in. Look at FF a game (I don’t play) that supposedly has great game play then they use pretty CGI movies disguised as gameplay to draw you in. Now maybe you are playing on a Wii (seems like a Wii comment) and aren’t enjoying the HD gaming era, I am and when you see your games in HD graphics are important especially when two of the three console manufacturers are bragging about who’s machine is touched by the gods. I don’t go see a Sci-Fi movie made in 2007 to see 1980s special effects, I go to get wowed Matrix or Star Wars style. Even if these movies are fantastic the point of going from one generation to another is because things on screen look better from generation to generation. Stories (gameplay) always gets the most love its natural, so I ask why is it wrong to want pretty things on my $2000 HD TV? After all my eyes are what persuaded me to buy this not the functionality (gameplay) of the remote.

SlaughterMeister4907d ago

of course graphics matter, this guy is right on.

THE TRUTH4907d ago

Graphics do matter, but they don't matter more than gameplay. Honestly graphics don't mean nothing if the gameplay isn't up to par.

Graphics are the book cover

Gameplay is the written word

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