Unreal Tournament May Still Support Console MODs

Part of what makes first-person-shooters on the PC so appealing is the ability for aspiring designers, artists and programmers to develop their own character models, levels, weapons and whatever else their mind can conjure up, often times using the same tools the developers themselves did. That's never been possible on consoles, but Epic Games has indicated in the past this is part of their goal for Unreal Tournament 3 -- first on PlayStation 3 and PC and now, it seems, on Xbox 360, too.

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MoonDust5721d ago

How do you give approval to any story?

R34GTR5721d ago

You gotta contribute five approved stories and thats after passing the contributors test. hope this helps.

ryanjtravis5721d ago

Cool... it will be interesting to see how they implement this on the 360.

big_tim5721d ago

the beginning. The only issue is with the 360 and getting it distributed on Live. MS has to approve everything. Sony has said that user created content is welcome from day one.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5721d ago

pray to the gaming gods that this will come to fruition.

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