GOA Review : Far Cry 2

GOA Writes : Far Cry and Crysis - two fabulous FPS games that set benchmarks in terms of gameplay and visuals which is nothing short of amazing. Now it's Far Cry 2's turn and it maintains the fabulous visuals worthy of the "cry" name; even on console!

It's no secret that a games visuals aren't everything, so it's fortunate that Far Cry 2 delivers in the gameplay department as well. Moving away from the "starting realistic; ending sci-fi" nature of Far Cry (and most other shooters), Ubisift Montreal have tried to create one of the most realistic and immersive first-person experiences with Far Cry 2. In Far Cry 2, you have three main features. You have the single-player story which revolves around you hunting down the Jackal, online multiplayer and a map editor. Each section of the game is enjoyable to play and will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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